Best Intermediate Violin Reviews of 2019

After spending months or years playing, you will realize that at some point, you will need a more advanced violin or intermediate violin.

While some beginner violin is beautifully produced, sometimes upgrading is necessary.

In this section, we’ve looked at some of the top intermediate violin types that you can find in stores and online, so you win to keep you with the secondary sound.

Here are the 10 best violin classes for middle school students:

1. Cecilio CVN-600 Violin

Professional players can attest to this violin quality and relax in the knowledge that this violin can last long.

Its CrazyAddario chains provide additional quality and you can trust the fact that you won’t have to change your supply chain often.


  • Hand carved one-piece flamed solid maple back and sides, solid spruce top.
  • Ebony fittings (fingerboard, chin rest, pegs, and tailpiece with 4 gold plated fine tuners).
  • Hand-rubbed oil finish.
  • Strung with D’Addario Prelude strings.
  • Comes with a good quality case, rosin cake, brazilwood bow (with pearl inlaid frog), and extra violin bridge.
  • Violin case features velvet interior with padded neck restraint, hygrometers, storage compartments, and durable shoulder straps.


  • Certainly priced higher than other entry-level violins, but worth the price.

This top quality violin will last for many years and can be passed on to the family, making it a great affection as well as something that will provide years of great music.

2. Fiddlerman Concert Violin

The Fiddlerman Concert is a big violin, with a bold sound with great feel. It has accurate active components and a cool, inspiring look.


  • Crafted and underwent 10-point inspection before being sold in stores.
  • Made with solid, hand-carved spruce and maple tone woods.
  • Finished with hand-rubbed spirit/oil, not with thick lacquer.
  • Created with ebony fittings (tuning pegs, fingerboard).
  • Violin comes ready to play out of the box.
  • Set up with hand-carved German Teller 3-star bridge and high quality D’Addario Kaplan Amo strings.
  • Strings are precisely measured and placed for comfort.
  • Comes with a violin case, shoulder rest, violin bow, rosin, and polishing cloth.


  • Price is not as affordable as other beginner violins.

The Fiddlerman Concert violin can be suitable for those who want an instrument with a natural appearance and tone.

It has a powerful slide show, bold sound and affordable price. Some people even say that it looks and feels like an ancient Italian violin.

3. Cremona SV-500 Violin

If you want to switch from a beginner to a previous violin, you should check this out! Cremona SV-500 is one of the best intermediate violin in the market.

The high-end solid wood body has an elegant finish, as well as hand-crafted points that give this violin the appearance of a violin suitable for dedicated violinists.


  • Hand crafted from well selected tone woods (solid maple and spruce), offering clean sound and smooth tones.
  • Ebony fittings (fingerboard, nut and saddle); Swiss-shaped pegs.
  • Bridge made from aged maple; tailpiece with 4 fine tuners.
  • Transparent varnish finish (shaded brown-red); inlaid wood purfling.
  • Provides a very open sound making it perfect for advanced players.
  • Strung with D’Addario Prelude steel strings.
  • Comes with a high-quality case, rosin cake, brazilwood bow (with pearl inlaid frog), and extra violin bridge.
  • Violin case features neck restraint, storage compartments, and shoulder straps.


  • Certainly, priced a bit higher than other intermediate student violins, but worth for the quality of sound it gives.

Although these violins are made for beginners, they can create a surprisingly strong and powerful enough melody to become a reliable learning tool.

Cremona SV-500 is the best violin for beginners, and there are no questions about why this is.

4. Scott Cao STV017 Violin

Scott Cao is one of the best violin companies you can find when considering the quality of instruments.

Unlike other intermediate violin types available in this price range, Scott Cao STV017 has hand-carved heads, rolls and backs and hand-crafted finishes.


  • Completely hand-made with an oil finish.
  • Has rosewood fittings and an ebony fingerboard.
  • Setup with dominant strings.
  • The oil finish allows the violin to resonate freely, producing better tones.
  • Has rosewood tuning pegs, which ensures the notes sound correctly and in tune for extended years.


  • Other violin accessories are usually sold separately but can get a discount if bought together.
  • Expensive for beginners, but will allow advancing beginner students to make speedy progress with tone development, consistency, and fast passage.

Scott Cao STV017 is one of the best violin costumes for intermediate players available for under $ 600.

5. Fiddlerman Artist Violin

The Fiddlerman Artist is one of the best violin sets available in the market. It comes with a lifetime warranty and free lifetime adjustment.


  • Made with solid, hand-carved spruce and maple tone woods.
  • Created with ebony fittings (tuning pegs, fingerboard).
  • Finished with hand-rubbed spirit/oil, not with thick lacquer.
  • Crafted and underwent 10-point inspection before being sold in stores.
  • Violin is ready to play once out of the box.
  • Set up with high quality D’Addario Kaplan Amo strings and hand-carved German Teller bridge.
  • Comes with a violin case, shoulder rest, violin bow, rosin, and polishing cloth.


  • Does not sound very affordable for beginners, but quality speaks for itself.

Fiddlerman Artist may be the best outfit if you are worried about how long you can use this instrument. Why? Each Fiddlerman instrument is sold with lifetime structural warranty and lifetime free adjustment.

You just need to contact the manufacturer so you can save a lot for repairs and maintenance!

6. Louis Carpini G2 Violin

Many violin instructors can attest that Louis Carpini G2 is one of the best guitar for advanced players.


  • Cool looking violin – one look and it would make you think that it is very expensive.
  • Offers sounds that is of highest quality.
  • Has 45-days return warranty.
  • Outfitted with D’Addario Prelude strings.
  • Comes ready to play, kit includes bridge, Brazilwood bow, rosin, hard case lined with velveteen cloth.


  • The Kennedy Violins’ official webpage says that they charge an additional shipment fee for orders outside the US.

Louis Carpini G2 is definitely a good intermediate violin. Provided by committed violin makers and luthiers, you can never be wrong with Kennedy Violins!

7. D Z Strad Model 220 Violin

D Z Strad Model 220 is a good choice for a violin middle school student. Besides its best quality, it’s popular for senior violinists looking for a violin with sophisticated timbre.


  • 100% handmade, adjusted, and varnished.
  • Its top is made from selected spruce.
  • The violin sides and bottom plate are made from maple.
  • It is naturally air-dried for over 10 years.
  • The bridge is made from hand-carved maple.
  • Fittings are made from boxwood, with ebony fingerboard.
  • It is set up with Dominant strings.
  • Comes with a violin case, rosin, bow, and shoulder rest.


  • Quite expensive for those who have a tight budget, but provides best quality open tone.

The D Z Strad Model 220 Violin is a great value for money and will not make you feel lost. After all, it is one of the most highly regarded violin in the country.

8. Yamaha Model 5 Violin

Yamaha Model 5 is a great example of what makes a violin the best for students. This top rated violin outfit provides everything students need to easily move with violins, practice and perform.

Of course, it also has a unique price, and offers Yamaha’s 5-year standard warranty!


  • The Yamaha Model 5 comes in a spectrum of sizes. Appropriate for beginners of all ages.
  • It has a durable top made of spruce.
  • This violin offers carved maple back.
  • The sides are from whole sheets of maple.
  • It also offers a premium fingerboard made of ebony as well as rosewood pegs and chin rest.
  • The outfit comes complete with bow and rosin.
  • This student model also comes with 4 fine tuners to facilitate ease of use as the student is learning how to tune their instrument properly.


  • This type of violin is not likely to be sufficient enough for those who are heading towards higher violin grades, but will certainly be sufficient for those who are showing an interest in learning.

If you are interested in a student brand that has a tradition of sophisticated crafted instruments, consider Yamaha in buying your first violin.

There is a reason that Yamaha has been taught and commanded for many years – they are on the list of good violin brands for beginners.

9. Cremona SV-800 Violin

Cremona SV-800 represents a fine workmanship with clean and neat wood purification. As with all of Cremona’s top violins, it is built according to the best Italian tradition of achieving special tunes to play regularly.


  • Hand crafted from selected solid maple back and spruce top producing rich tone.
  • Fingerboard made with genuine ebony.
  • Neck and scroll made from maple.
  • Trimmings are hill-styled from finest boxwood.
  • Golden orange varnish finish.
  • Strung with Thomastik Dominant Strings.
  • Comes with a high-quality case, rosin cake, resilient Pernambuco bow (with genuine horsehair), and extra violin bridge.
  • The violin case is a lightweight oblong-shaped case with plush interior.


  • Quite expensive for beginners, but provides a high quality and sonorous sympathetic tone.

We love the care that Cremona occupiers put into their jobs, because their violin has wood grain, quality maple wood and ebony. German and Italian masters trained all their followers according to the old tradition.

Master Shang C. Guan, an archer who won the award by the French method, created bows in this outfit. Each violin and bow is a continuation of the traditions that produce the best and longest instruments.

10. Carlo Lamberti Sonata Violin

Crafted by Beijing SHAR Workshop and set up at the SHAR Ann Arbor Workshop, the Lamberti Sonata model sets the standard for intermediate-level violin versions.

The violin tree Carlo Lamberti Sonata is really the best class in the class for those who are committed to learning the violin.

It allows new students to have a bright, clear, sweet violin in their ears.


  • Provide exactly what a violinist wants from a high quality violin: outstanding performance, an outstanding finish and a special value.
  • With high-end accessories (latches, panel, chin rest) and cord.
  • Providing strong and rich melodies will delight students, especially those who are accustomed to the limitations and shortcomings of some beginner violins.


  • Expensive for beginners, but will allow beginners to progress quickly with the development of melody, consistency and quickness.

For serious students who want to advance to the leadership position in the young orchestra, or get the highest score in their exams, the Carlo Lamberti Sonata violin is a great choice.