Best Electric Guitar Reviews of 2019 & Buying Guide

Buying a best electric guitar is not an easy process. There are many variables of electric guitar and it’s really hard to understand that the information out there can be very big. The main goal of this guide is to simplify the search process for you as much as possible.

To make it easy for you, we’ve included all the details you need to know when buying an electric guitar. You don’t need to go anywhere else and be overwhelmed by all the information out there.

In this article, you will find how to choose the best one for you. We have also thoroughly researched and listed their top 10 electric guitars and reviews.

This is our humble effort to provide you with a list of the top rated electric guitars available in the market and you can go through them to find the right type according to your requirements and preferences.

How to choose an electric guitar?

Before you start considering all of the options available, you should first find out your qualifications and the goals you want to achieve from the guitar you will buy. Are you a beginner or an intermediate player? Do you want it for professional performances? Here are some questions you need to answer first.

Also, keep in mind that you will need specially designed guitar and essential accessories for your electric guitar such as strap, picks and gig-bag, in addition, a good training amplifier. On the other hand, you probably don’t need to worry because you get almost everything as part of the package deal at the time you are buying a new one.

We all now live in a great time to consider the choices we currently have. Although it is a good thing often, but can really be complicated to decide and buy the best electric guitar. If you want it for a serious reason, it would be practical to own one equipped with guitar accessories such as straps, bags, picks, and if possible a good practice guitar amp.

Different models are useful for different types of players. For example, an Epiphone player is great for beginners but it is a terrible option for a professional guitar player. And an expensive guitar is a terrible choice for a complete beginner.

No matter what your qualification is, there is always a choice for you. There are electric guitars designed for all types of users and it is not difficult to find the right type for your own needs.

Things to know before you find an electric guitar

Here are some important things you need to know before buying a best electric guitar to make money. Electric guitars come in many shapes and sizes. There are hundreds of different designs and designs in this product category. However, the basic principle that an electric guitar works remains the same.

There is a pickup that is mounted on the electric guitar and it acts as a magnetic field. A metal chain in the device is plucked and it vibrates and generates some electrical current. The current is then transmitted using the cable to the guitar cable through the previous amp circuit. Some tone controls are also used in this process.

After that, the amplifier boosts the signal and modifies it with different sound effects and controls. This signal is converted into audio by speakers. This is a brief overview of how an electric guitar works.

Different parts of the guitar work in concert to create the epic music you want. When buying a guitar, you need to take into account the guitar’s configuration to evaluate its performance and overall value.

Things to consider before buying a new electric guitar

There are many things. The quality of materials used to produce musical instruments is an important consideration. Then there is the hardware and sound of electric guitar that you need to consider.

The price of an electric guitar is often determined by the type of wood that has been built and also the sound amplifier amplifiers. For starters, it won’t really matter if you have a guitar with a relatively cheaper pickup.

You can read and learn the details about the best type and also the cheap electric guitars that beginners can use. There are many reviews available online that you can read to determine the quality and service of a guitar. This is a clear step that you can’t ignore while buying an electric guitar.

Appearance and style are also an important factor in considering which electric guitar to buy. Appearance and style are personal choices that only depend on a unique hobby and hobby.

The last but not least before buying a new electric guitar is to check the price against the value of the guitar. If a guitar costs 200 dollars but sounds like a 2000 dollar model then it’s a great value for your money. The products listed below are of great value to your money, so you don’t need to worry about that aspect.

Top 10 best electric guitar reviews

In this section, we will provide you with a complete list of the ten best electric guitars we have listed after thorough research. These are the final choices of guitar and created by keeping different things in our minds.

You can rest assured that these are some of the leading electric guitars available in the market. You can conveniently choose anyone from this list to get a convenient result that you will never regret. Let’s start with the list of top 10 electric guitars and top reviews.

1. Epiphone Les Paul SPECIAL-II Electric Guitar, Ebony

Our first proposal on this list is Epiphone’s epic model of Les Paul. Special Epiphone II models are made exclusively for beginners. If you are just starting to play the guitar and looking for a good quality version from a trusted band, you can buy it. This is a very low cost and offers more features than other Gibson.

The company is based in the United States and it is one of the oldest manufacturers and one of the most popular manufacturers in the music industry. It is over 144 years old and is the most innovative and innovative company in the history of guitar makers.

The package comes with a small amp, a guitar strap made of nylon, an equalizer, a cable that you can attach to the amp and gig bag. It comes with almost everything that beginners need to start playing the guitar. You don’t need to do all the hard work to find out the different accessories you need.

The best thing about guitar is that the design and usability are perfect for beginners who have ideas on how to play guitar. It also comes with a series of instructions that make it even easier to use. Once you learn the basics and master it, you can easily upgrade to a higher-end guitar. It can bring the right feeling from a guitar.

If you compare products with expensive items, this may be a bit poor in quality but in terms of price, this is perfectly reasonable and effective enough to bring you satisfaction when you buy a guitar. first.

But remember that it is still a great value and is the best instrument for money. With this price, I don’t think you will get a better guitar anywhere else. If you are an intermediate or expert player, this is not for you. Let Wei test some of the guitar’s technical features: it comes with a bolt collar joint, a 12-finger radius of the keyboard and nickel hardware, etc.


  • Budget guitar
  • Easy to put up the accessories together 
  • Best for the beginners
  • High-quality mahogany body 


  • Not right for the seasoned guitarists

2. Squier by Fender Affinity Stratocaster Beginner Electric Guitar – Rosewood Fingerboard

Squier Affinity Stratocaster has all the same features of Fender Stratocaster guitar at a very affordable price. It has a stylish neck and an alder body that gives it a versatile Strat tone. It also has three single roll pickups that can be manipulated with a 5-way switch. A classic style tremolo system makes it a great choice for those who like that system.

The name Squier by fender is a combination of two words. This series was born when Fender acquired V.C. Squier in 1965. Because this name is one of the most popular guitar brands in the market of cheap electric guitars.

According to its price, this model is a great option for beginners and even intermediate players. But this is expected from any guitar at this price. It also has a narrower affinity that cannot be upgraded.

The quality of this instrument is good enough for it to exist for many years. It has eight colors and looks great if you want to play it on stage.

Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate player trying to impress people with your skills, this guitar is something you should definitely consider buying. This is one of the top of my recommendation list. If you want to know more about this guitar and find out its price, click on the button below.


  • Maple Neck and maple fingerboard
  • The bridge is synchronous tremolo
  • 2 tones muster volume control


  • The ends of the frets are too sharp and it buzzes a little bit on the pickup.

3. Epiphone SG-Special Electric Guitar (w/ KillPot, Cherry Red)

This is a best budget electric guitar from Epiphone. It is also a great choice for beginners and it’s quite light to carry. For a cheap guitar, this guitar has a good sound and melody. Despite the low price, the manufacturer did not compromise on its quality. Cherry red is really attractive and attractive and can help you enhance your smart personality like a guitarist. This is closer to looking at the iconic rock guitar.

It comes with Epiphone’s lifetime limited warranty, which is the company’s signature service that guarantees guitar against any type of manufacturing or workmanship error. It has antique oak and mahogany wood and is equipped with an orthopedic bridge.

This is very easy to adjust and once you complete the adjustment, you can run it for a long time.

Modifying this guitar is also quite easy and you can add everything to it to make it a lot better. Overall, it is just the right value for your money. Again, if you are an intermediate or expert player, avoid this guitar. If you are a beginner and are looking for the lowest price electric guitar for beginners, click this button. With the price you pay, I’m pretty sure you’ll be impressed by the performance of this instrument. This is the link to buy this product or know more about it


  • Budget-friendly product
  • Comes with excellent customer service assurance 


  • The downside of this guitar is that some of the strings might be difficult to tune

4. 39 Inch BLUE Electric Guitar & Carrying Case & Accessories

The electric guitar BLUE 39 inches is extremely cheap, but it comes with lots of good things. The price of this guitar is so low that you might wonder if it is too good to be true. But really it is it. It has brilliant colors and has a stylish look. It also comes with a carry bag, a few alternate chains, 3 options and Allen Keys.

It has excellent quality hardware and great sound because of the pickup. No errors or nicks in the end of the body. It needs to be set up though it may be difficult initially. When you set up, you will be able to see its performance works. The great thing about this guitar is that although it is the cheapest electric guitar, it looks quite expensive to the observer.

If you are looking to buy a budget guitar for absolute beginners or a lower age, this is a perfect option and comes with great quality assurance. Overall, this guitar is an electric guitar with the best value for money, to know more about this product or find out the latest price, click the button below.


  • Comes with a guitar learning DVD
  • It has maple joined fine neck
    Alloy chrome tremolo tailpiece 


  • The neck of this guitar is not quite polished.

5. Squier by Fender “Mini” Strat Beginner Electric Guitar, Rosewood Fingerboard

Now we talked about four electric guitars. Let us talk about the Mini Mini Strat Line from Fender’s Squier. It is a group guitar because it has a small Strat and so it is really the best electric guitar if you want to buy for your child. But that doesn’t mean adults can’t use it. If you are a beginner who just wants to practice, this is a great model to practice your skills.

For young children aged 4-8 years, the scale length is about 22.7 inches is appropriate. Although some electrical components are down to 22.2 inches in length, the extra length will help your child not exceed the guitar too soon. By comparison, full-sized adults like Fender Stratocaster have a length of 25.75 inches while Gibson guitar is shorter than an inch. So, if you are confused about what to buy for beginners or small people, you can go with the product that fits perfectly with your requirements.

The quality of this instrument is excellent. Fortunately, accessories for guitars are available at low cost and you can buy them online with the guitar itself.


  • It comes with a 22.75inch string, smaller neck and small sized body
  • C shaped neck with satin finish
  • Comes with the adjustable and flexible chrome and truss rod that fixed to the hardtail bridge of the body and can enjoy the extreme playability 


  • But, there are some downsides to this guitar too. Unlike the Epiphone model, this one does not come with all the accessories and you will have to separately buy an amp and the plugs for sound.

6. Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC012DLX Electric Guitar

The Yamaha Pacifica is one of my top recommendations after the Epiphone Les Paul model. It offers you high quality components, beautiful structure and finish, an HSS and it costs a lot lower than similar guitar types on the market. It is a complete package with all the necessary accessories.

It has many different colors, has excellent quality at a bargain price. The combination of this guitar is capable of playing a variety of sounds and sounds. It has a solid body and is quite comfortable to play. It has a Tobolo bridge, not the best in the market but works quite well. Then there is the tuner, well enough.

It comes from Yamaha brand, a brand with high reputation in the guitar industry. Yamaha’s Pacifica Series was created in the early 90s and it has been a huge hit in musicians and guitar enthusiasts. The main reasons for its popularity are the high value that you will receive from the product.

This model is one of the best from the guitar collection from the brand. It will be quite difficult to find a guitar that is better than this in terms of price and quality.


  • Perfect agathis body
  • Comes with 5 positions of the switch 


  • There are a few disadvantages of this guitar. The quality of some components is actually quite bad. This won’t be an issue initially can give you some problems after you have used it for a while. Despite the disadvantages, I’d say it is the second best guitar after the Epiphone special II.

7. Squier by Fender Mini Strat Electric Guitar Bundle with Amp

This is another great electric guitar with a mini-Strat of fender. It comes as a full package and comes with an amp, tuner, strap, coil, selector, cable and polished clothes. The price range of this product is similar to the Epiphany Les Paul model. With this price, this model can be a great deal.

If your child is showing a passion for music from a young age, let him play Electric Guitar from Fender and let his talent blossom. To know more about this electric guitar for this kids and get it at the best price, click the button below.

In terms of usage, it is quite similar to the mini Strat guitar we discussed earlier. It is a great choice for someone who just wants a cheap electric guitar for practice or someone who is an absolute beginner. Also, it is one of the best choices for five to fifteen years old kids wanting to learn guitar. It comes with small ¾ sized bodies and a 22.75inch of scale length. It has a c shaped fine maple neck with its 20fret fingerboard. 


  • It has five-way fine switch option


  • One disadvantage of this guitar is that it does not come with all the necessary accessories that are useful and so you may have to spend extra bucks and buy the accessories separately.

8. Sawtooth ST-ES-CARC-KIT-3 ST Style Electric Guitar with ChromaCast Gig Bag & Accessories

Sawtooth ST-ES Carc is another affordable electric guitar that both beginners and intermediate players can use to train their skills. It comes with a sycamore body with a black finish and has a cream pickguard or vanilla color. It comes with almost all necessary accessories – tuner, amp, selector, cable and basic online lessons. You also get a gig bag with it that very few guitars give you and usually you have to buy it separately.

This is also a great choice for children and beginners. It has many different colors and is quite easy to set up and adjust. Once you manage to adjust it, it will run for a long time. It has four sound modes and you can choose one of them using a switch. It has a tone control button and a volume control. It is quite easy to play and also very comfortable.

Again, it’s a budget electric guitar, so don’t expect a lot from it. Overall, if you are looking for a budget guitar for beginners or intermediate players with easy setup and complete accessory packs then this is the best guitar for you. Click the button below to find the latest price and know all the information about this instrument.


  • It has sycamore body with its vanilla cream and black pick-guard
  • Rosewood fingerboard and c-shape maple neck with the medium sized 21 jumbo frets


  • The downside of this guitar is that the amp that comes with it is not of top quality. The amp sometimes gives off a buzzing noise which can interfere with your performance. The strings of this guitar are also not great but good enough.

9. Squier by Fender Bullet Strat Beginner Electric Guitar – Pink – Rosewood Fingerboard

If you don’t have enough of Fender’s Squier, let me include another great model in this series. This is also a great model for beginners as well as regular intermediate players. It gives you a perfect balance between great sound, quality and affordability.

It has three pickups and contains a five position picker selector, which is usually expected at the price you pay for this. It is also quite light that can help your performance. You can install additional pickups in this guitar to improve its quality.

The volume and timbre are quite similar to other Strat models. It comes with an unmounted tremolo that needs to be attached to the bridge using a screw. Overall, the sophisticated processing of the parts allows you to tweak a lot and adjust it to your needs.

It is a great budget guitar but not very useful if you want to play it at an advanced level. In fact, this is an ideal and most popular electric guitar for intermediate players; Also suitable for beginners. So make sure you upgrade your guitar once you master the basics of using this guitar. Understanding the latest price of this guitar with the button below will take you to the Amazon product page of this form and tell you all about it.

You will be able to control the guitar in a comfortable and wired way. You will be able to play easily because it has c-shaped neck with finished satin. Its three single-coil pickups can allow you to play rock and jazz tracks, two-tone audio controls, and 5-way switches to choose from. Chrome sync ITS allows you to create a flat volume and crisp sound. This is just the right guitar in your given budget to get the best quality assurance and peace of mind.


  • Variable sound
  • Budget-friendly
  • Well-built


  • Best for beginners but nor right for the experts

10. Dean Vendetta XMT Electric Guitar with Tremolo – Metallic Blue

Do you have a short budget? Later, we included the Dean Vendetta XMT model on my list of top 10 electric guitar reviews. This is a little known guitar and you’ll be forgiven if you’ve never heard of it before. But we can confidently tell you that once you buy this guitar, it will exceed your expectations and this is very friendly.

The first great thing about this guitar is its wonderful appearance. It has a Paulownia body with metallic blue finish and bolt structure. It comes with a classic tremolo bridge that works quite well compared to others. Another advantage of this product is its cost. It is one of the most affordable electric guitars available. It has a three-way converter of dual motion that gives you great volume and volume control buttons.

The main selling point of this guitar is that it is a metal thrash guitar and you can easily play this tune with this guitar. It sounds pretty smooth and although it’s not much better than other models in the same price range.

That being said, this guitar also has a few drawbacks. Although it is excellent in appearance and price, the quality of this guitar is not great. Buy this if you are looking to use it for a short time. It is not a highly reputable brand so many people will hesitate to buy it.

Overall, the positives beat the negatives for this model and you should still try it out if you like those features and want to see them in your own guitar. Click the button below to find the latest price for this product.


  • Attractive metallic color and appealing look is just perfect to rock on the stage
  • String through perfect design
  • Very lightweight 


  • Fret buzz so sometimes hard and odd sounds come from it

What are the best electric guitar brands?

Are you a guitar lover? Do you want to know about popular brands of electric guitars? Then here you will find everything you want.

There is a complete list of popular electric guitar brands. Information about some of the most popular of them is given below. Branding is another name for quality assurance and if you are looking for a great product, it is better to go with a popular brand so you will get a satisfactory service from the company.

The best people here are subjective. Again, what is best for me may not be best for me that may not be best for you and vice versa. Overall here are my recommendations to buy a guitar from the best electric guitar brand for beginners at every level. There are a number of brands available on the market that claim to provide the best quality electric guitar for beginners and even experienced guitarists. But some of them actually reach the peak if you are looking for the best guitar, you can definitely go with them.

1. Epiphone

My first suggestion is Epiphone. It is not only one of the best products but also the best guitar brand for beginners to buy guitar to learn strings. I have included a few recommendations from this brand in this article. If you don’t know which one to buy and you’re a beginner, buy one from this brand and you’ve won the wrong.

2. Gibson

Gibson is the brand that created the magnificent Les Paul model. It was made by a man named Les Paul. He is the man behind the company and the brand has created some of the best guitars of all time. It has been modeled for players from expert level. This is one of the best among the popular brands of electric guitars. Mr. Orville Gibson founded this company in 1902.

Some excellent models of Gibson electric guitars are Gibson ES175 Electric Guitars, Gibson ES137 Electric Guitars, Gibson Standard SG Electric Guitars and Gibson SG Standard Left Hand Guitars.

3. Fender

As the biggest guitar company in the game, Fender While on the list. The company sells more guitars than any other company in the world. The smell of the device is something I only have a part of them.

4. Yamaha

Next on the list of top guitar brands is Yamaha. This company specializes in making the best acoustic guitar. But they also do a lot of electric guitars. That is my top proposition for beginners. The proposed Yamaha Pacifica model is one of the best electric guitars available with features from both Epiphone and Squier Guitars.

5. Jackson

Last but not least, the Jackson brand is my top proposition for players who have a bit of experience and what to explore and bring their skills to the next level. If you want to play a guitar that’s really great with great looks and great sound, then Jackson is your perfect choice.

Final thoughts

We got to the end of this extremely detailed buying guide and recommended guitar reviews. If you have done it here, congratulations, you are officially a guitar that knows it all. Of course, the world of electric guitars is huge and there is still a lot to learn if you want to know more. But these are the basics. If you know these things, you will be able to confidently choose the best electric guitar for yourself and be proud of it.

I hope this article has been helpful to you. I have tried to include as much useful information as possible in this tutorial. If you think I have left something, comment below and let me know about it. You can buy guitars from the instrument store or search online after thoroughly researching it.