Top 5 Best Drum Kits of 2019

Today we have a choice about what we feel is the top candidate for the best 8 drums of 2019. Seasoned drummers can have a dream kit in their minds. , and we will be willing to bet the results of a name brand.

So with this in mind, we are checking more closely to see what each set includes and actually provides. We used a lot of criteria to evaluate this, because the last drum kit is a percussion with individual parts and the quality of each part needs to be compared.

Most cymbals in these sets may not wow but it is expected, usually those who produce great sound drum fight with their fallen teammates compare.

1. Pearl RS525SCC706

The first is a great 5-piece set from pearls, it is a complete basic kit and available in 4 gig ready with a choice of 4 different durable wrap finishes. Bass drums, toms and snare are made from 9-layer poplar trees with three flanged rings. The blank sizes are as follows: 22 x 16 (bass), 1 x 8, & 12 x 9, toms, 16 x 16, floor tom and trap 14 x 5.5. The snare toms and rack are pre-adjusted, so you will only have to enjoy the bass and tom floor.

All racks, bass throne pedals, and tom owners are included. Despite its affordable price, it has a number of professionally upgraded parts, such as chain-driven bass drum pedals and locking pins, reinforced, and bracing for longevity.

The throne may be suitable for teenagers, if we have to poke holes at anything, it will be an initial upgrade. The whole set, in general, has a slightly smaller footprint making it ideal for apartments and for young learners.


  • Full set includes stands, throne and sticks.
  • Smaller footprint.
  • Affordable price.

2. Pearl EXX725S/C

Next on our list is a new and improved full size model of EXX705 / c, if the budget allows for another top choice from the Pearl Export series. It is not surprising to see another item with their name placed on their place in the blank manufacturing industry.

It was a step forward in price, we lost additional cymbals, so we would have to find the source ourselves but for product quality and drum sound, the upgrade was huge.

The shell is a mixture of 6-layer poplar and mahogany trees, creating bigger and stronger echoes. The quality of covered coverage is an improvement too. Hardware included from their popular 830 series. It has the advanced Opti-Loc Tom suspension system.

Compared directly to the Pearl starter rated above, it has a bass drum greater than 2 inches and a floor size (22 x 18’’ and 16 x 16’’) and incorporates Pearls premium shell technology (S.S.T). It also comes with an upgraded pedal, the P930 Demonator is very popular.


  • Affordable price.
  • Opti-Loc tom mounts and Superior cannon shells
  • Demonator pedal.

3. Ludwig LC179X016 Breakbeats

This stylish black Breakbeats set again is a 4-piece model, designed for use in the city, it has a more compact nature to keep it fit for purpose. It plays like a full-sized but stackable and packed package, ideal for players who play drums on the move with carefully considered mobility.

It has a 14 x 16” bass drum, a tom 7 x 10” mount and a 13 x 13” floor tom and is overlaid on a suitable wooden drum drum, sized 5 x 14” Rings.

All housings are constructed from a 7-layer hardwood, each bearing edge is cut at 45 degree angle and hand sanded for a perfect head seat. Ludwig has priced a competing product, which is priced right below the Pearl RS525SCC706. It has no racks, stools, pedals, sticks or cymbals like Pearl, so will take you back a bit more at the end of the day, but it’s a good quality option at an affordable price.


  • 7 classes are professionally prioritized.
  • Compact.
  • Packing kit.
  • Affordable price.

4. PDP by DW Double Drive 8-Piece

If you are a budding drummer looking for a larger kit to free your inner animal, then this 8-piece shell from DW’s PDP line may appear on your street.

Set features, 2 bass drums with dimensions of 22 x 18”, 2-tier toms (14 x 12”, 16 and 14 x 14”), 3 toms for mounting (8 x 7”, 10 x 8”, and 12 x 9” like a 14 x 5.5” snare, they are hung in high-strength steel racks and built from poplars, an excellent tonewood to maintain and punch, they have Remo heads, edges. Their are cut at 45 degrees and look great with their black lugs and stylish hoops.

Since it’s just a shell package, you only get drums and bass rack for mounted toms, all the other hardware and cymbals in the picture will be bought. To put it together as in the picture, you will need a rack, Tam and Gibraltar create amazing double curved bass shelves with similar designs.


  • Set of 8 pieces.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Durable construction.
  • Double driver.

5. Gretsch New Renown

Featured in the new Gretsch Renown series, this is a three or four-piece set with fresh faces, retaining the classic Gretsch vibe but with updated aesthetics and custom sound reinforcement.

In Gretsch’s perfection, they have a blend of maple, combining North American Maple with a softer Southern plantation. The blank edges have a smooth finish of 30 degrees and are sealed with the finishing layer inside their exclusive silver seal.

Just about everything on this kit is heavy-duty, from its die-cast hoops to the authentic lugs that adorn each drum. The 4-piece consists of a 22 x 18” bass drum, 16 x 14” floor tom, one 10 x 7” tom, and one 12 x 8” tom.

They are much more expensive than a regular entry level and you will need a trap and at least a pair of cymbals before you can make some tunes but they create an impressive drum set.


  • Top quality parts.
  • Gretsch maple blend recipe.
  • Rich with excellent low-level timbre.