Best DJ Turntables Review of 2019

DJ Turntables has gone through a long time of continuous development, mixing many ideas and working hard is what makes them an essential element of a nightclub. The starting package of any nightclub also includes a DJ controller (or you can say DJ Turntable).

The market is flooded with DJ Turntables when all other audio producers are investing in the alliance of DJ turntables. One can easily choose the best DJ Turntable if he / she has some tips on this topic, but what about others?

One can evaluate a product before actually using it. So how can we choose the best DJ Turntable for our needs? Looking through customer feedback or finding articles on Google is a good way to get product satisfaction, but that’s not it.

Now all belong to the person who has all knowledge related to DJ Turntables. Yes, it loves us! By aggregating customer feedback, diving deep into the forums and investigating each expert, we have selected ten DJ Turntables to start your experience in the best way.

So let us move on to the detailed reviews we’ve included so you can continue to choose the best way.

Here is Our Review of the Top 10 Best DJ Turntables:

1. Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB2 2-Channel Controller

Pioneering is in making turntables since its roots. In Pioneer, the employee’s soul goal is innovation to inspire and entertain consumers.

The club, the music community and you name it, Pioneer brings them all the great technology and art products to reinforce the music culture.

In 1994, Pioneer introduced the first DJ music player named CDJ-500 that stormed the music industry. With over 20 years of experience, this company has done a lot for the industry.

Maintaining the same repo, Pioneer created an animal they called it DDJ-SB2. Regardless of who you are, a new or professional with this turntable, you can easily start on DJ games.

This fits well with all of its previous DDJ-SB features with additional functions such as level gauges, 4-deck control and more, which is absolutely unbelievable in the This price.

DDJ-SB2 includes touch rubber pads to activate options such as Hot Cue, Loop, Sampler and Auto Loop. Moreover, the 4-bottom touch rubber pads allow you to access Sync, Shift, Play and Cue.

Design is all that matters. Although this turntable is compact, it has large jog wheels and low latency. Similarly, you have full control with high accuracy to hit those rhythms in time.

Checking and adjusting the input volume in each level will be counted among the essentials to make your work shine. In this Turntable, you have a control knob and a scale to quickly check and adjust the input volume for each channel.

Filter channels for best output require low and high pass filters that most turntables provide. Thanks to DDJ-SB2, you get independent low / high filter filter dials to create the best output. Here is a bit of this great music machine.


+ Integrated sound card for direct connection to speakers and amplifiers.

+ Large jog wheel for good accuracy and control.

+ Building from high quality materials.

2. Numark NVII DJ Controller

Since the rise of these turntables, this company is one of the few who has adopted and developed new technologies to promote the blending experience. In order to provide DJ power with incomparable products, Numark is ready to compete with other professionals.

For over 40 years, Numark is offering cutting-edge products that give consumers the flexibility to innovate something out of this world.

NVII of Numark is not only beautiful design and attractive appearance. NVII’s completely new layout sets a whole new definition of responsive activity that makes users feel more comfortable with it.

Under the hood, you have a 4.3-inch full color screen that allows Serato’s real-time visual display to give you direct access to the DJ software. Similarly, outstanding performance and new design help users control more.

Beat matching your music is essential when all eyes are on you. Grid lines added to the game’s performance view screens in this turntable allow you to seamlessly match the beat with the tracks.

Don’t worry if your songs are not categorized because this turntable includes arranging five columns. Moreover, you can watch your music by song, artist, time, BPM or key, easy?

It’s all about feeling when you’re jamming. The NVII has an EQ and capacitive touch filter so you can control and feel the sound simultaneously. Similarly, two adaptive 5-inch trigger plates will add soul and feel to the jamming experience.

Now, creating your own remix in a show is easy, thanks to Numark. This turntable consists of 16 pads sensitive to backlit RGB feedback velocity so you can assign them anything and create wonders. Please read about some of the main highlights of the product and what makes us love it.


+ Two 4.3-inch screens with Serato DJ’s real-time images.

+ 16 activation pieces are sensitive to velocity with backlit RGB feedback.

+ Control four decks.

3. Hercules DJControl USB Controller

For more than 30 years, Hercules has focused on creating digital audio solutions that provide endless possibilities for innovation. This company targets similar sounds to provide state of the art equipment so they can be welcomed by millions.

From creating a sound card to building many famous DJ Turntables, this company has earned good reputation among many professionals.

DJ Control Compact by Hercules brings the same hype to help users control their beats more in an affordable range. Although this turntable is affordable, it has a great list of functions that one can afford to lose.

Traveling through different locations with bulky turntables is an option that people will consider. Hercules’ compact DJ turntable makes life easier for many people because it weighs only 1.2 pounds and measures 13.4 x 3.9 inches. Now take this guy anywhere and anytime you want.

Jog wheel is the most basic element of the turntable that allows you to mix beats and add fun moments in the environment. This turntable has two jog wheels, each measuring 7.5 cm in diameter allowing the user to fully control but precisely the beat.

Other alternatives lack modes but say thanks to this turntable, you get four different modes on each deck to enhance your jamming experience. Similarly, the user-friendly design fits perfectly into every laptop, so you don’t need to read the manual all the time.

With the turntable, you get DJUCED 18 software to customize the sound with loops and effects. Similarly, the turntable and software output simultaneously at zero latency to show beats, track lengths and a lot of things. Here is a bit of this product.


+ Only 1.2 pounds of weight makes this turntable easy to carry.

+ Two wheel drive controls for pitch and navigation in songs.

+ 4 modes on each deck.

4. Numark Starter DJ Controller

Numark is all about exploring the boundaries of mixing experience. New unmodified technologies pour into DJ Numark products that lead to outstanding performance with that classic feel.

For over 40 years, this company is offering consumers the best DJ products so they don’t have to compromise while stirring the nightclub next door.

The DJ turntable initiated by Numark targets people who have just entered the game or stayed there for a long time. Whatever skill class you have this turntable will take you away without any prior experience.

This turntable is completely easy and reliable, it connects directly to any laptop and allows users to mix everything they have with the included software. Mix, mix and create wasn Easy to come back then but thanks to this 2-channel turntable allows you to stir the house.

The lamp is more interesting for your jamming experience, which is why this turntable is equipped with three LEDs that synchronize with your mix to create an unforgettable experience.

So you don’t want to control this Turntable directly? Well, you can just plug it into your laptop to use virtual DJ LE to control it through your DJ laptop. Simple, is it?

Attaching a separate sound card to connect the speaker is the best solution. Numark’s turntable starter has an integrated audio output so you can connect your bass speaker without any inconvenience.

Beginners and even experts don don want to get a clumsy mixer because it’s annoying. This turntable has an easy-to-use DJ mixer, balanced controls for treble, bass, channel boost and main boost for your mixing experience is always worth it. Want to know some of the main highlights of this product? Please read online


+ Integrated headphone output for private listening.

+ Simple instructions and sampling with eight pieces of rubber, four on each side.

+ Virtual DJ LE software included.

5. Monster GO DJ Portable Mixer Digital Turntable

Monster is all about bringing innovation to the sound field. For years they are working to make changes that no one even thinks of.

Let us admit that the big but bulky turntables that are way out of the tournament are all about being compact now. Although you can find some alternatives to keep things handy, the results are still worthwhile.

Monster just won the jackpot number and figured out how to shrink the entire kit into a pocket device. GO-DJ by Monster packs all the goods of a professional studio device into a pocket-sized turntable that allows you to create quality sound no matter where you are.

GO-DJ is a compact, independent system with all-in-one DJ functions. Although this technology contains a lot of inside, it only weighs 0.6lbs. Now you can join the party wherever you go.

Along with the touch screen function, you also get a lot of features on the plane. Crossfader, knob and button give you the best experience when jamming. Similarly, you can also customize this mobile turntable to match your sensitivity and accuracy to bring your experience to a whole new level.

Now, storing multiple songs and mixing into your dj sets is easy with 2GB of internal memory. Similarly, users can also add 2TB external memory to store more than required.

Mixing by hand is good, but what if you are driving and need to listen automatically to mix? You can simply turn on the Auto feature to allow the turntable to handle all noise. Here are some key highlights of this great product.


+ Battery life up to 12 hours.

+ SD card slot to add up to 2TB of external memory.

+ Features along with portability.

6. Gemini GV Series G4V 4-Channel Virtual DJ Controller

At Gemini, every employee believes in providing products that bring value and innovation to the DJ and Pro audio markets. For more than 43 years, Gemini is analyzing the needs of consumers and industry to manufacture unprecedented products.

Success and development allow Gemini to think more about expanding innovation. With such determination and hard work, this company is proud to offer products that break the barriers of fake boundaries.

G4V by Gemini appears as soon as you need a perfect addition to your DJ setup.

This DJ Gemini controller is enriched with features that make you professional immediately. G4V has it all but are you creative to make everything worthwhile?

Standard DJ MIDI devices are transformed into a dynamic performance turntable by G4V. To fully control the four virtual software platforms, this controller is equipped with two fully featured physical DJ decks to help you become the king of the ring.

Toggling, recording and twisting your tracks is made easy with 16 multi-function performance pads and assignable rotary encoders. Now you can just turn your music into a unique mix.

Continuous access to achieve, EQ and filter controls on each software layer is achieved by a full 4-channel mixer so you can easily access all functions.

Most turntables lack input and output ports but that is not the case for G4V. The XLR main output, the main output and RCA output together with the microphone and AUX inputs give you many connectivity options. Catch more of the product highlights below


+ 4-channel mixer with 3-band EQ.

+ 2 fully featured physical decks allow you to control 4 virtual software platforms.

+ Sensational sound.

7. Denon DJ MC4000 2-Channel DJ Controller

The audio giant, Denon is providing long-lasting sound quality products. Denon’s MC400 continues to prove its reputation for innovating an affordable, easy-to-use and portable Mobile Controller.

The MC4000 is built to perform almost any abuse you throw at it, thanks to a strong steel frame. Similarly, this DJ Controller is equipped with basic input / output ports and mixing capability to reduce the need for additional equipment.

Including Serato DJ, Intro software users can also upgrade it to DJ Serato fully. Moreover, it also supports Traktor 2, Virtual DJ 8 and other software that supports MIDI mapping. So you are getting a variety of software to choose from.

Although the MC400 has dozens of features, it is never confusing to locate any function. Say thank you to Denon, you get all the features that are positioned and spaced to provide extreme workflow. Now forget about the confusion and dive deep into your jamming.

Denon’s MC400 completes the work with an easy-to-use interface and at an affordable price. Know more about the product below


+ Jogging wheels are activated to touch accurately to scratch and track cue.

+ Control dedicated EQ and FX on each channel.

+ Sturdy steel structure.

8. PIONEER DDJ-SR Pro DJ Controller

Pioneer is working for the music industry since the beginning. Only one goal is to provide the best pioneering products here to make history.

DDJ-SR is a beast created by the pioneer using it with Serato software. Inheriting all the leading features from its previous DDJ-SX such as large aluminum jogging wheels and performance pads. Furthermore, a new PAD PLUS feature adds four sound effects to performance boards so that barriers are set aside.

Performance pads are placed just below the big jog wheels. Cue, roll, ergonomics and hot sampler functions are just a soft touch rubber piece to add them to the mix. Similarly, the output volume of each function varies with the intensity of each tap because each piece of rubber is sensitive to velocity.

Jog wheels hold great importance in DJ Controller because they are the heart of it. DDJ-SR has two large jog wheels tuned to give users a sense of zero delay. Similarly, they also provide the ability to accurately scratch and mix.

Serato DJ is the most popular and popular software. With DDJ-SR, you get a free copy of Serato DJ software for easy experience. Want to know more about this product? Please go through some key highlights below.


+ Can be powered via USB connection.

+ Free copy of Serato software.

+ Large jog wheel.

9. Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 MK2 DJ Controller

Native tools are counted among leading software and hardware manufacturers to produce computer-based audio. The only task of this company is to develop innovative ideas that can support the audio industry without being too expensive.

To provide the perfect combination of hardware and software, the Kontrol S4 has been designed. This DJ controller promises to bring a great DJ experience like never before. S4 integrates a four-channel mixer, integrated 24-bit sound card, user-friendly interface and Traktor Pro 2 software to redefine your experience.

S4 is designed to pay attention to ease of use. All controls on S4 feel natural right away and allow you to control them effectively. The eight-color RGB lights are placed on board to meet the current needs of nightclubs.

In addition to recording audio directly from the mic input or the main output, one can also record loops. Similarly, users can override or multi-layer overlays to build unprecedented mixes.

S4 MK2 of the Native Tool packs all the good stuff available in regular high-end controllers.

Capture some of the main highlights of this product below.


+ Includes Traktor Pro 2 recording software.

+ 40 loops and 10 full tracks pre-installed.

+ Recording loop.

10. Pioneer DJ DDJ-RZX DJ Controller

Visualize yourself in the world of the Best Operator. No one surpassed DDJ-RZX by the pioneer when it stood high in the Turntables alliance. It is this controller that is designed to handle harsh treatments because one can afford to buy different DJ controllers for specific treatments.

Three 7-inch screens allow you to directly access audio and video features in rekordbox DJ without looking at your laptop. Now it’s all about focusing on the controls on board.

Those who have used the CDJ and DJM series can get familiar with this Controller. Large jog wheels and multi-color touch performance pads are inherited from the CDJ and DJM series controllers. Similarly, channel 4 has an independent sampling section that allows users to beat synchronization, quantification and cutting on the sampler.

Asahi Kasei 96kHz / 32 bit high-performance D / A converters make sure that there is reduced cable contact resistance to output the true quality of the tracks.

One can easily connect the mic with 2 XLR combination input jacks for sound without distortion even in high volume. Similarly, adjust your voice with 3 dedicated EQ and Mic Fx, Echo, Reverb, Pitch or V-Tune bands to give you more detailed power.

The DDJ-RZX Dj turntable of Pioneer is the absolute choice of professionals. Learn more about this great product below.


+ Advanced foreign exchange control.

+ Operation sensor.

+ OSC sampler.

Instructions for buying DJ turntables

So do you want to buy a new DJ turntable to get into some deejaying stuff? It is never too late to rely on and receive guidance from the experts themselves. No matter who you are, a beginner or a professional, while buying a new product, you need to overcome some basic factors.

The following tutorial mulling over all the ingredients will help you choose the best turntable according to your personal needs!

This article will take you from the introduction of the peak to the most advanced level.

What on earth is a Turntable / Controller?

For Dummies, Controller / Turntables use knobs, running wheels, encoders, fads, touch strips and other components to mix music via software connected via a laptop or computer . On the other side of the story, some Turntable DJs have integrated LCD monitors to directly monitor the software.

Note that this device only signals to software to control functions efficiently.

To connect speakers or headphones, Turntables has an integrated sound card so people don’t have to connect an external sound card.

A typical Turntable is equipped with two running wheels / turntables, multi-function pads and knob for software control. It is also possible to rearrange the functions of the train controls to assign whatever they like.

Turntables are intrinsically specific when it comes to software, so be sure to check which software you invest in support.

Modular vs All-in-one Turntables

A modular system consists of separate devices such as turntables, mixers, analog mixers, sound cards and more.

Although many other advantages like the All-in-One Controller, some experts prefer to combine everything through a modular system to produce some incomparable rhythms.

So if you want to follow the module habit, simply connect a pair of turntables or media with a mixer to launch your classic experience.

All-in-one mixer, turntable, sound card and everything essential in one package. Similarly, they include physical knobs, buttons and sliders to better control the software.

So many options on all-in-one DJ Controller give users maximum control of the software effectively.

Come back because we’re about to introduce some points that will bring your heart to the Controller all in one!

Advantages of all in one controller

The level of control is simple but largest with lots of functions on board.

Many advanced all-in-one controllers will allow you to control the system without connecting to any computer. A lifesaver for cases when your laptop battery dies!

Support a good amount of software.

Now let’s search for some basic features and functions of the Controller.

Basic functions and features

Knobs, jog wheels, pads, faders, and more control allow users to have full control of the software.

Built-in display for multiple parameters and quick access to some outstanding features of the software without actually looking at the laptop.

Effects processor, mobile PA system, an interface to transfer signals to the computer.

Directly controlled applications for smartphones and tablets are found in some new turntables.

So you have your advanced Turntable, now what? For example, what if the software is not able to enhance your experience?

All that is mentioned below!

Software Talk

A Turntable / Controller is only bound to resolve the software in the best possible way but it is software that bears all the responsibility in providing a crisis. Basically, a Turntable DJ only controls the software and anything you hear is the result of a good software team.

The software includes all the effects, filters, templates and almost anything you control by Turntable. All that hype is stored in the specific software that allows users to wonder about the DJ Controller.

After choosing DJ Turntable, one has to focus on choosing the best Software because it is the heart of any DJ system. All turntables come with a free copy of the software to perform the basics while the full version is set at the price. One can buy the full version of the software included to increase the level but also consider other options as a more definite way.

Note that a normal turntable does not support all the software available on the market, so be sure to match the support column of the software and the controller side by side.

Below we will review some of the popular options available now!

DJ Serato software

DJ Serato software has partnered with hardware manufacturers to ensure that their DJ Controller offers an unforgettable experience. Although Serato DJ software doesn’t have many configuration options, people love the user-friendliness it provides.

This software works best with iTunes and also handles non-electronic music. Note that Serato does not cooperate well in standalone mode, you must plug it into the interface or controller.

Arrange your show in real time based on multicolored waveform editing showing the EQ settings in Serato DJ create the perfect visual experience. Similarly, the workflow is streamlined and visualized to give you an unprecedented experience.

The expansion pack takes care of all the functions like pattern activation, applying effects and more. Complete editing is taking place by the Flip Editor while mixing and scratching authentication achieved with the DVS package.

Combining the power and ease of use makes Serato the choice of millions of DJs.

Ableton Live

Although Ableton Live is a complete set, many DJ DJs like Ableton live since it was introduced back in 2001. The software includes all the professionalism with a single interface that is easy to use a window. .

To create multi-layered blends with the Flexible Flexible Direct Part of this great software allows you to drag and drop elements to spice up your mix.

Tests take users to a whole new level. Now set up the test environment via switching to Live Live Session view. Try different ideas, access the entire set of different effects and prototyping libraries through it now easy with this interface. Similarly, the integrated browser helps you find the right music element faster.

On Ableton Live, assigning controls to different buttons, buttons, pads, and sliders is quite simple. You get a lot of templates to choose from according to your needs.

All belong to this DJ software. Ableton Live integrates all the good things into a user-friendly interface that many DJ DJs have to consider this very DJ software.

Traktor Pro

Native instruments are one of the few companies that produce both software and hardware for DJ Loi. Traktor Pro is a powerful software with built-in DJ Turntables by native tool. Similarly, some DJ turntables also support Traktor Pro.

Traktor Pro’s Remix Deck Concept makes it a popular topic of town. This environment allows you to manipulate the various component parts of the music such as cutting or shearing then freely playback.

It is also possible to customize the interface with Traktor to suit your preferred working style. Traktor has many different versions, from beginner to professional. Some have video capabilities while others offer some advanced functions not available anywhere!

Traktor Pro is counted among the most reliable Software available in the market.

Although there are many other software, but the top three are the best!

Now you have a clear idea of ​​what turntables are all about! From top to bottom, we’ve covered every area to help you choose the best turntable.

If you need more consideration, we have chosen three turntables for different types so people feel at home.

Keep up with us to consider what has been recommended by the majority and experts.

The best way to choose your turntable

The first thing to consider is what budget you want to buy. It is similar to buying the turntable that is best for you. Because you may encounter many price tags attached to these devices, it’s best to secure your budget (and requirements). These devices can be as cheap as $ 100 and can triple the price. What we recommend here is to be a little patient, spend a few dollars and get something better in terms of quality and longevity.

Next are a few questions that you might want to ask yourself. What are you trying to do with the turntable? Are you a beginner just get one for learning purposes? Are you a professional who wants to impress the crowd? How would you connect the DJ controller – using a computer, a traditional mixer or controller? In general, think about what you need when buying a new turntable.

You may also want to consider how many turntables you want. One person will be enough if you have simple requirements but if you plan to set up a traditional DJ setup, you may need to buy two.

Connection is also important. Whether you want a USB or RCA connection (clicking the full instructions on RCA) may be one of the deciding factors. I must say, most turntables today offer RCA as well as USB connectivity that allow you to seamlessly switch between the two to fit your hybrid setup. An important thing to remember here is the fact that if you plan to follow the USB connection path, you will need DJ applications and software to play.

When buying a turntable, you may also want to consider the type of engine it uses. There are two main types – direct drive motor and belt drive. In the direct drive, the motor is present at the center of the table and is directly connected to it. This ensures lower vibration and wow and high torque. You will find it difficult to find any variation in the disc, which makes it an ideal choice for DJs. Talking about the belt drive, the motor is placed outside the center and is not connected directly to the disk but with the help of rubber straps. Belt drive motor leads to many fluctuations, it’s a DJ you always want to avoid.

Top Pick

Products rated in our top selection list have beaten others to top the Turntable list!

Pioneering into the world of Deejaying in 1994 with the top flat DJ CDJ-500 player rocked the whole country. 20 years have passed, Pioneer is still innovating the Deejaying industry by producing high quality equipment.

This company regularly develops new products to help DJ Back break prejudices and make history.

Pioneer’s DDJ-SB2 is the best entry-level professional DJ turntable featuring four deck controllers, level gauges and convertible decorative pots. Although DDJ-SB2 was created for Serato software, people can also use rekordbox to enhance the experience.

Just connect the USB cable and you’re ready to mix some beats, no need to add any power supply bricks. RCA jacks for main output, ¼ mic jacks in jacks and jacks and and for headphones for easy connection!

This turntable comes with DJ Serato Intro software and a full two-week trial version so you can feel what the full-featured software looks like. Similarly, DDJ-SB2 is also compatible with Rekordbox software.

DDJ-SB2 is equipped with touch performance pads. Top 4 rubber pads allow you to activate Hot Cue, Autoloop, Manual Loop and Sampler. Similarly, the 4 pads below give you immediate access to Play, Cue, Sync and Shift.

Now users can control up to four floors with this turntable. To control the third deck, simply press the 3 deck deck on the left floor and vice versa to control the fourth deck. Moreover, this assigns jog wheels, controls mixers, libraries and transports to decks three and four.

Jog wheel is the heart of any Turntable. In DDJ-SB2, you get jog wheels with great latency but low latency for you to experience excellent scratch response and accuracy during mixing.

Details of the channels were absent in the previous section of this DJ turntable. DDJ-SB2 has five channel level gauges with each segment consisting of eight LEDs. So that means you can view and edit the smallest details of both channels.

Control the level of downloaded tracks is now made easy with the decorative buttons on the featured board in this Turntable. Now you can easily adjust and check the input volume on each channel.

The Deejaying experience is only fine-tuned with Pioneer’s DDJ-SB2. With four convertible deck controllers, decorative pots, level gauges and manual filters, one can create something that has never been heard before.

Premium Choice

We have collected the most expensive but the best product in our premium field so that people can become absolutely professional.

Since the days of building the turntable, Numark is one of the few companies that applies new deejaying technology to create the best blending experience at every level.

Combining the classic feel with Numark’s new hardware produces revolutionary DJ products. For over 40 years, this company has been approved to produce the best turntable with the same passion for history.

Drawn with the incredible combo of NV II Numark’s red and white colors attract all attention with a beautiful design. In addition to looks, this turntable has much to discuss.

Ignoring the eye-catching design of the NV II, it has an upgraded layout with clear signs so that people can operate it much faster. It is super designed and manufactured to trezle the experience of deejaying.

Besides the cool but professional appearance, the NV II has two 4.3-inch full-color screens, so you can’t have to go back to the laptop again.

Beat matching your tracks can take a lot of effort, especially when you’re absolutely correct. NV II adds grid lines on the screen so you can beat easily and efficiently to match your tracks.

If your list of tracks is not properly categorized, it will take a long time to find a specific piece of music. In this turntable, you get a 5 column type to view music and 3 columns at the same time by song, artist, time, bpm and key. So, now you can easily access your music files regardless of classified or unclassified folders.

Creating music is another thing but creative feeling is completely different. With this DJ Controller, you can feel the music through adaptive 5-inch touch-enabled discs.

The EQ options and filters are very sensitive as well as giving you the full experience of the feeling of music. Similarly, one can create a custom audio mix by pressing the EQ / FX knob.

Scratching your favorite cut with precision and true feeling is now possible, thanks to the highly advanced touch-sensitive jogging wheel. With NVark of Numark, you are ready to join any night club.

Now creating your own remix in a hard performance, all the compliments are for speed-sensitive 16 pads. Adding loop patterns, hot signals or any other option with a bright RGB backlight pad is a whole new way to start your remix process.

NV II has four deck controls that allow you to combine versatile capabilities while tracking your performance on the integrated screen. A simple click allows you to switch instantly between four floors.

Many connectivity options are customers who also love this turntable. XLR output, RCA / Master RCA output, mic and headphone inputs mean you have many options to connect a lot of things.

NV II is all about the advanced features you get for an incomparable price. With the upgraded layout for fast operation, lots of connectivity options and dual displays, it is not wrong to comment that this turntable proves its position in our premium section.

Great Value

When it comes to money issues, products classified in our big value section are of tremendous value.

Developing digital audio solutions to attract users to create versatility, Hercules is working for more than 30 years to make every difficult job worthwhile. Here, engineers take the example with similar sound to produce modern deejaying devices.

Producing great products for DJTHER has made this company a famous icon in the audio industry. The philosophy of providing customers with the best things out there has made this company stand among well-known manufacturers.

Maintaining the same uniformity rate, Hercules has produced a compact DJ controller, a part of advanced technology that promises to take your exploration experience to a new level.

Along with affordability and compactness, users get a lot of features with this DJ controller making it no less than any other expensive Turntable DJ out there.

Theoretically, DJ carpentry travel here and there with their controllers to improve the environment with their skills. In this case, the large and bulky DJ controller will definitely ruin the entire traffic context. Well, let’s say thanks to this ultra-light turntable weighs only 1.2 pounds and has a 13.4 x 3.9 inch size that makes loading and unloading your viola.

In the wireless world, would you like to bring a separate energy brick for your DJ turntable? Relax, because this Dj turntable is back! You can power this device with a simple USB connection to resolve the jamming problem.

Jog wheels are the most important element of any Turntable DJ because they are responsible for creating beats and joy. This very DJ controller has two wide jog wheels, each with a diameter of 2.95 inches. Similarly, they are designed with absolutely no lag during scratching to make your investment worthwhile.

A DJ turntable depends on the software because all the brittle and spice is integrated into it. The bundled DJ software called DJUCED 18 with this DJ controller has some serious potential to stand out from other competitors in the market. From the basics to the advanced functions, this software has it all to give you the experience of life. The good part is it’s full and free!

This compact feature full of Hercules’ DJ turntable provides a bold performance with a soulful experience. With dual mixing floors, 4 pads on each floor and user-friendly interface, this DJ controller proves little by little for it.