Best Cheap Acoustic Guitars Review of 2019

In this article, we are serving 5 of the best cheap acoustic guitars, for those of you surfing in the circle because there is definitely no shortage.

In recent years, the reduction of your sound on an affordable acoustic guitar has never been so accessible. Many leading brands are producing top musical instruments with ever smaller price tags.

Now we all know that in a saturated market, there are always fake products right next to the best things so we tried our best to sniff out the gems from the junk.


1. Yamaha FG830

Yamaha is synonymous with producing great student model guitars. FG830 is an acoustic folk guitar cut loose with a frightening, affordable shape.

The 800 series was introduced in the 1960s and the original FG180 became an instant classic, on the whole series getting bigger and stronger in the mid to low range when Yamaha engineers ran. analysis and simulation through their R&D department to find the best bracing design. They moved away from the traditional braces with their 800 series and instead opted for a clamshell style to maintain the top panel’s durability and better enhance the natural sound of the guitar. Thanks to Yamaha research, FG830 has great overtones and durability.

Its bound neck is with rosewood fretboard, the body is also rosewood and has a great depth to bring improved sound. It has a solid Sitka spruce that is a great tonewood. It has an adjustable truss bar and mold adjustment kit. It is available in six color options and an audio hole with an abalone coating.


+ Affordable price.
+ Comes with accessories.
+ Wood has great tones.
+ Snake head.

2. Epiphone DR-100

The DR-100 is one of the best cheap acoustic guitar around at its price. This is one of the entry products from their extremely popular product range. Epiphone has worked hard to win its deserved position in the market leading from their origins, beginning to create very close contraband guitar versions of top brands, now they respect themselves I am well organized.

It’s a solid beauty, dreadn think style headed. It has a selective soundboard, the spruce has a great echo. The keyboard and bridge are Indian rosewood.

The head of the neck has a slight increase in inclination, tilting at an angle of 45 degrees to create isolation pressure at the nut. It is a 22.5 ratio, is a full size and a bit stretched for some people, so perhaps not a great option for young learners.

It comes in 3 different classic natural finishes and sunburst which is a head turning tool. It’s light and comes with a set of lightweight steel wires. They give a great bright tone and have great and amazing clarity. The action is nice and low suitable for beginners and no noticeable noises.


+ Cheap price.
+ Good.
+ 45 degree head-stock.
+ Snake head (spruce)

3. Fender FA-100

Next on our list is an entry from Fender, FA-100 is the top model of their affordable audio line. It is a model choice dreadn model think again with a layered spruce head. Spruce is a typical wood at a lower price, as not many tonewood provide such a good dynamic response. It is great for a variety of play styles and creates a bright resonance.

The peak is supported by x bracing effectively and binding the body. It has a c-shaped neck and has a familiar protective head shape and protection. It has a smooth rosewood keyboard of 20 keys long with pearl dots. It also has a rosewood bridge with saddle-bone synthetic compensators and chrome hardware. It is stringed with a light steel Duratone set (size 0.012-.052). The width of the nut is 42mm and it has a double impact bar. The whole thing has a glossy finish.

It provides full and brilliant tones and is suitable for delicate and delicate finger typing styles. It retails at a low price and sells as a starter kit with a range of handy accessories that are valid for any beginner.


+ Low price.
+ Accessory package.
+ 20 frets with 25.3 lengths.
+ The first ideal guitar.

4. Fender FA-115

The FA 115 is a replacement upgrade from the 100 line that is disappearing when Fender leaves a wood factory. It’s not much different from the 100 we’ve reviewed before, it’s also sold as a package with everything you might want as a new player but it has a solid peak.

This option is a sunburst design with three eye-catching colors with dark edges. It is one of the dynamic and bright tonewood options and as you might have collected very typical in budget guitars.

It has many layers of mahogany on the back and sides of the body, with dreadnou and glossy finish. It has a hard wooden bridge and a fretboard with a length of 20 fret and 43mm plastic nut. Pickguard is a single and black layer to match the sunburst model’s dark rim.

It is well balanced when the sound is played and the low levels are presented in a pleasant way. The keys are low and it plays easily with “buzz”.


+ Best cheap acoustic guitar.
+ Bundle agreement.
+ Snake head.

5. Yamaha FG800

Another brilliant example, another level from Yamaha’s famous 800 series ~ this time is the all-starter version itself. It is a great balanced sound, large volume and one of their best selling products.
It is a traditional Western-shaped guitar and once again boasts a revolutionary 800-shell series below its lovely solid pine tree. Creative bracing provides optimal acoustic resonance properties. The ratio length is 25.9 / 16 and the nut width is 43mm. The neck and back are nato and the sides are okume which help create a deeper warmth and richer sound. The keyboard is rosewood and comfortable in size, it has an integrated rafter bar to adjust the action for hobbies and playability. It is black or natural as a choice of styles and has a chrome molded regulator.
This also sells as a package option that adds value to your buying deals and makes it a great option for beginners as well as hobbyists who don’t want to give up too much of the benefits. they. It includes a very important hard box to store your instrument safely.
+ Value for money.
+ Snake head.
+ Scalloped braces.
+ Large projection.

Instructions to buy cheap Acoustic Guitar

What to look for in a cheap acoustic guitar?

When you are buying these great cheap guitars, usually a good idea to go with a brand you can trust. Some low-cost musical instruments out there are poorly built and the sound is incredibly simple. Top brands are profitable to sink into developing accessible versions of their best-selling products. They also have the means to facilitate larger-scale production, again reflected in the final retail price.

You never expect too much about a budget acoustic guitar but there are some things to look for before you split the money. The types of wood used must still be of good quality, most of the woods we have evaluated here today are the best. The spruce is a fairly cheap and powerful option, it produces really good resonance and even high-end guitars will sometimes choose guitar for its sound characteristics.

You will probably find that at a price of $ 100, there will be versions including laminate versions but there are a large number of top-grade budget instruments to choose from. The tops of laminate will never sound as good as a solid peak, but they do not produce near real resonance and therefore cannot resonate with them. If you are looking for a cheap guitar to transport or travel with, they can create a selection of good cheap acoustic guitars that you can use, then wood is also better with outdoor weather. compared to its tough friends.

Anything 2-5 hundred may have better wood and will definitely be made better. Usually you can expect a package with this but consider if you need the item if you are not a complete beginner. If a bundle costs $ 300 and has accessories worth $ 50, make sure you have a $ 250 guitar.

Which cheap acoustic guitar for beginners?

Beginners will need a guitar with low action and may be narrower. If you are a young learner (or buy for a younger learner), you may want a shortened base model or a short length scale.

Beginners should choose the most bundled boot package that comes with a range of essential items for taking care of and maintaining your guitar as well as important items like picks and tuners that you will only need to buy. more later. From our reviews, we recommend one of the Yamahas they create excellent quality student models and really know their tools when it comes to learner models with years of participation there. Their advantage in music education. If you can’t extend Yamaha prices, then one of the fender packages we’ve reviewed may be more suitable for your budget.

Best quality cheap acoustic guitar?

The best quality depends on how we determine quality, so we chose a sound quality that is best at cost from what we have reviewed and one for good production and construction quality. Best. The Epiphone model offers the best sound quality, it has a budget price and it’s very rich, warm and well balanced. The Yamaha 800 is one of the best quality guitars we reviewed in this article and took first place, however, it is one of the most expensive models on the list.

For a cheap sound instrument with good sound made from quality components, you should probably expect to exceed $ 250, there are some below that are suitable for beginners before they switch to better models.


Normally, if you are shopping in a lower price range, it is because of one of 3 reasons, you are a beginner, you have no backup cash flow or you need a cheap push to release your Proud and his pleasure. Whatever the reason, the main requirements remain unchanged, good durability, good production but from cheaper products and ultimately something that sounds as good as the money can be heard .

We really felt that the acoustic guitar that we reviewed today had met the requirements. After reading our analysis of each instrument, it can be very clear that they are not so different from other types of wood, which is predicted to be more expensive than usable wood when you Compete with the price card bottom guitar.

Overall, our judged candidates offer a good representation of what is available and each one has its value and the best low-cost sound is almost called but if we have to choose One of our favorite winners is Epiphone. It really seems to have sound identified separately and beautifully built from good sound. This along with its attractive price tag means that it ticks all the boxes as we care. If you like a more enhanced bass, you can upgrade it to your preference.

As long as you give yourself some careful consideration, you will definitely find the guitar that suits you. A guitar can be a very personal thing so always a good idea to try it once if you can visit.

We hope our buyers reviews and guides will serve as a great reference and give you what you need to purchase with information.