Top 5 Best Cajon Reviews of 2019

We have read somewhere that a professional Cajon caller of his Cajon is an empty box. Well, in principle, he actually said anything wrong. However, you will expect a professional player to know that they have an official name next to the empty box.

Many people play Cajon these days. So there are all types in the market. And, in general, it shouldn’t be too much to get a Cajon of a reasonable quality. However, you don’t want anything. You want something that works well and sounds great, that’s why you do research.

Fortunately, you have come to the right place. We got reviews of the best 8 Cajons in the market. And if you don’t know anything about Cajon yet, don’t worry. We have also protected you, in our buyers guide.

So, let’s continue with the reviews

1. Meinl Percussion SUBCAJ5WN Cajon

About sound and appearance, Meinl Percussion SUBCAJ5WN Cajon is an animal. If you have found it, then SUBCAJ in its name, stands for a Cajon subwoofer. So yeah, expect a lot of bass. And, of course, Cajon looks really cool thanks to walnut shells.

Now, thanks to its depth and width, this Cajon is super stable. Plus, it also brought to this Cajon a particularly deep sound. There are reflections inside Cajon that pump enough bass from the front gates. This is what creates authentic rock drum sound.

In general, we propose Meinl Percussion SUBCAJ5WN for any expert. Cajon is great for live performances especially when players need high quality volume and timbre.


  • Create lots of bass.
  • Soft but loud snare tones.
  • Comes with internal reflex channels to pump out sound.
  • Anti-slip cushion, which helps Cajon to sit comfortably.
  • Works well for tall people.
  • Comes with a carrying handle to facilitate wearing it around.


  • Not exactly portable due to its weight.
  • The sound is not as warm as entirely wooden Cajons.

2. Schlagwerk CP404-BLK 2inOne Black Edition Cajon

This is a quality Cajon from a premium brand. Now, it doesn’t come with the last cushions like the Cajon cushions that we’ve reviewed. But besides, this is a great Cajon sound and its sound is as beautiful as the appearance of this drum box.

Its construction is also of high quality. Schlagwerk used eight birch lots to do it. With a completely wooden structure, and not just any kind of wood, we talk about this birch, Cajon for true sound. Sure. In addition, birch is also very durable.

We also appreciate the finish on this Cajon. It is perfect from the front to the back of the instrument. You can see it in smooth edges and unique rounded corners.

It has 40 traps, pressing on the playing surface at a precisely defined angle. If you don’t need snare audio for a particular song, they can be removed from Cajon in a fast motion.


  • Play especially well
  • Lightweight
  • Construction is solid
  • Wonderrful sound
  • The finish comes out perfect


  • Snare may be louder
  • Although the snare is removable, you can’t adjust the tension
  • Size may be a bit too small for some players.
  • No seat cushion

3. Latin Percussion Americana Groove Wire Cajon

Latin Percussion Americana Groove Cord Cajon is a favorite beginner for many reasons. They include it made of high quality wood, as well as, quite affordable.

This is a Peruvian Cajon. So it is a pretty simple instrument, basically a wooden drum box with beautiful melody. There are a lot of you can tweak on a Peruvian Cajon, which is why you must always insist on high quality materials. This is why this Cajon is so good – high quality, low price.

You’ll also be happy to know that this Cajon doesn’t require any settings. So you can start playing as soon as you get this box, out of its box. Plus, it is easy to mic up when you need it for a live concert.

Basically, this Cajon is a no-frills setting that newcomers can start. However, although it is a beginner instrument, we are not sure we will recommend this to children.


  • Great selection of Cajon for beginners.
  • Does not require any settings. You can start playing it, immediately.
  • Made from Baltic Birch brings a beautiful melody.


  • May be too expensive for some beginners. However, you can be sure that it will last

4. Pyle PCJD18 String Cajon

Our next Cajon to consider is PCJD18 from Pyle.

It comes with inner steel wire and has the right size. It is manual and you can see the art that Pyle brought in to create a Cajon with such impressive build quality.

The sound from this drum box is particularly smooth, mainly due to strings, adjustable. It also provides a hex key to adjust, made from below the instrument.

This Cajon is high quality and suitable for beginners who have never played this instrument before. It is great for both living and studio work.

For summer, this is a great tool and great value for money.


  • High quality sound.
  • Adjustable wire.
  • Durable construction.
  • Light enough to carry.
  • Great value of money.


  • The strings can hiss a bit

5. Meinl HCAJ1NT Cajon

Next, we have another Cajon from Meinl – HCAJ1NT. So you can expect high quality when you know which brand has made it. It comes in hardwood, great for creating low drum slots. And works whether in a live setup or studio.

This drum box provides excellent bass notes that emit very strongly. The trap also looks great with a flexible feel to it.

Meinl HCAJ1NT Cajon is very affordable, making it one of the cheapest products in this review. So, it’s in the range of most players but mostly for beginners.

It provides a rich and deep tone and build quality is also reliable. In addition, we found it quite durable. Rubber feet also help improve Cajon’s tone by enhancing the bass as well as making sure it doesn’t slip around.


  • Snares are adjustable.
  • Affordable price that makes it ideal for beginners.
  • Mic side up for good price.


  • The snare string is not easy to adjust.
  • Bass felt a bit too explosive for some people.
  • You will need to adjust this Cajon when you receive it and the instructions are not written well.