Best Beginner Violin Reviews of 2019

Looking at the best cost, durability, sound quality and value for money, we have gathered and listed some of the best instruments for beginners to help you search for violin brands. Good quality tablets, as well as the best violin for adults.

Here are the 10 best violin types for beginners:

1. Mendini MV200 Violin

Mendini MV200 is the perfect violin, with a good budget. It will not create high-end music hall performances, but will allow students to easily switch to the world playing violin.


  • Made of spruce and maple for back and sides.
  • Complete with ebony accessories.
  • Bowhair is made from high quality Mongolian horse hair.
  • Create a warm tone.
  • This set has everything you will need to start your lesson.
  • Comes with bow, case, rosin, chin rest and shoulder rest.
  • Alloy tail with 4 integrated good tuners.


  • Can last through the early stages of learning, can go to level 4 or level 5, with reinforcement or two on the way.

Although the violins are low-priced, they are very durable and will see students go through mid-grade classes when it is time to invest in a higher-quality model.

2. Mendini MV300 Violin

Mendini’s violin may be frowned upon by some experts, due to the quality of both violin and bow. Since the violins are not made manually, there will be some minor adjustments and adjustments made to get the best sound possible.

And although you will pay a lower price, you may have to replace the string at some point because the quality is not as good as it could be.

However, for children learning the basics of violin, this is not a big problem because the child’s primary concern is how to focus on learning and playing.


  • Antiquated satin look.
  • Maple accessories (fingerboard, chinrest, tuning pegs).
  • Alloy tail with good tuners.
  • Hand carved with solid back and spruce top.
  • Comes with extra violin bridge, hard shell, and brazilwood and rosin.
  • Less quality control, but once you’ve stabilized playing it, you’ll be able to develop better sound for the amount you will pay.


  • Be warned that even if it’s beautiful, it has a variety of colors, varnish and paint can hinder sound quality – making it strangled.
  • Mendini offers a variety of interesting colors and cases that can appeal to reluctant learners. Violin Mendini is very interesting and active, but above all is the value for money for what you get.

The MV300 is probably the best Mendini violin for families on a budget, who would otherwise encourage children to learn an instrument.

3. Franz Hoffmann Amadeus Violin

Franz Hoffmann Amadeus violin outfit has everything you need to start playing the violin.


  • Made from selected solid maple body and spruce top.
  • Fingerboard made from ebony.
  • Ebony wood Guarneri style chinrest, and pegs.
  • Nitro varnish finish.
  • Strung with Overture premium strings.
  • Tailpiece with built in fine tuners.
  • Outfit comes with a Toshira shaped case, SHAR mini rosin, and an A. Schmidt workshop bow.


  • Not available in funky colors if that is what you are looking for.
  • Some music stores sell this instrument without case, and other accessories.

We appreciate that every Franz Hoffman violin sold by SHAR is set up at their Ann Arbor, Michigan store, so you can rest assured that your violin will be set to be able to Highest play with 1-year Limited Warranty with 30 days without hassle Return policy.

4. Bunnel Pupil Violin

Bunnel Pupil is a good, perfect violin for all ages. Many consumers say that with the quality it offers, it can be ranked as the best starting violin for adults.


  • Produces mellow, warm, sweet sound.
  • Rich chocolate-brown with hints of red varnish in matte finish.
  • Includes Portland oblong case, Giuliani brazilwood bow and rosin, polishing cloth, classic shoulder rest.
  • Strung with Prelude strings.
  • One-year warranty included.


  • Some say that the shoulder rest included in the kit is prone to cracking or breaking.
  • Accessories such as straps of violin case is not of high quality.

With the violin outfit of Kennedy Violins’ Bunnel Pupil student, you’ll get a violin for beginners at a price that definitely won’t break the bank.

5. D Z Strad Model 101 Violin

D Z Strad Model 101 is not recommended for mid-level violinists, but perfect for beginner violinists.


  • Top made from selected carved spruce.
  • The back and sides are shaped using maple, with ebony panel and accessories.
  • The tail is set up using the Wittner type with 4 good tuning buttons.
  • Costumes include violin case, violin, brazilwood, rosin and rest on shoulder.
  • Available in 4/4 (full size), 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32.


  • The sound quality is questionable.

Some senior and middle-level violinists say that this is one of the violin brands that should be avoided due to its sound quality. But personally, I will be very happy with it when I first started.

6. Cecilio CVN-300 Violin

The price of the violin set Cecilio CVN-300 is quite reasonable as it includes all the essentials in playing the violin.


  • Crafted with solid maple back and sides, with carved spruce top.
  • Hand inlaid purfling with antique varnish finish.
  • Fingerboard and violin fittings are made from ebony.
  • D’Addario Prelude strings included.
  • Outfit includes a case, rosin cake, extra violin bridge, and two brazilwood bows with genuine unbleached horsehair.


  • Some violinists report that one or two pegs slip from time to time which may pose a challenge for beginner violinists.
  • The rosin and the bow included in the kit is not intended for professional use and may seem like of low quality.

Beginners of the violin players can greatly benefit from Cecilio violin because it is affordable and can be played by violin players for intermediate players.

7. Cremona SV-175 Violin

For more than 30 years, model SV-175 is Cremona’s most highly regarded beginner violin for its value – combining playability, sound quality, specification and price.


  • Quality workmanship.
  • Strung with USA made D’Addario Prelude strings.
  • Ebony fingerboard and fittings.
  • Oiled neck for smooth and better playing.
  • Lightweight hard tailpiece with 4 fine tuners.
  • With comfortably-shaped chinrest.
  • Outfit comes with a violin case, violin bow, and rosin.


  • Requires tuning time to time.
  • The hygrometer in the case tend to not work properly.

Some violinists say this violin requires constant adjustment due to slipping. But with our instruction to adjust the deep violin, there is no problem.

8. Stentor Student I Violin

The Student I by Stentor is probably the best violin to learn. It provides consistent performance and a high quality tone to enhance students’ learning experience.


  • Crafted with solid tonewoods.
  • Mid brown varnish – giving it a natural look.
  • Blackened hardwood fingerboard.
  • Comes with an oblong lightweight case.
  • With composite tailpiece, and integral adjusters.
  • Comes with a good student violin bow.
  • Includes a lightweight violin case with safety reflectors.

This Stentor Student I violin is a wooden carved instrument with good quality hardwood accessories.

This package includes a reliable violin bow and a lightweight violin case that is perfectly designed with external pockets for music, shoulder rests and inner hangers as well as backpack strap.

In short, it is one of the best Stentor guitars on the market for students and is definitely the beginning of the violin.

9. Cecilio CVN-500 Violin

CVN-500 is one of the most famous violins on the market. It may not be affordable compared to other cheap violins, but in terms of sound quality, it’s really worth the price.


  • Hand carved one-piece flamed solid maple back and sides; solid spruce top (premium wood aged to perfection with a minimum of 7 years).
  • Ebony fittings (fingerboard, chin rest, pegs, and tailpiece with 4 gold plated fine tuners).
  • Hand-rubbed oil finish.
  • Strung with D’Addario Prelude strings.
  • Comes with a high quality case, brazilwood bow (with pearl inlaid frog), and extra violin bridge.
  • Violin case features velvet interior with padded neck restraint, hygrometers, storage compartments, rosin cake, and durable shoulder straps.


  • Not as low-priced compared to other budget violins.

Of course, not as great as some top student violins, but certainly a reasonable opportunity to get a serious kit.

10. ADM Acoustic Violin

We will frankly say that this violin review is like a warning because it is an endorsement of this instrument.

This violin is made from wood with tones of pure quality that will help the instrument stand firmly in the challenge of time and daily abuse.


  • Made with rosewood pegs, fingerboard, and chin rest as well as maple wooden neck.
  • Back and sides handcrafted to strengthen the stability.
  • Hand carved with solid spruce top with alloy tailpiece with built in 4 fine tuners.
  • For its low price, it has a decently pure sound.
  • Commonly sold with accessories and everything to start to learn violin playing such as: lightweight carrying case, shoulder rest, music sheet stand, cute cartoon tuner.
  • Set also includes two ebony frog brazilwood violin bows, rosin, as well as an extra set of strings, cleaning/polishing cloth, violin mute, and violin bow collimator.
  • 1-year warranty against defects.
  • Available in many sizes.


  • Tends to slip in and out of tune easily.
  • Suitable for beginners only.

If you want to try playing the violin and you don’t have much free time, consider this acoustic ADM violin. It is a very low risk tool.

Even so, let everyone know that many teachers and conductors will treat this instrument as VSO, or the Violin-shaped Object.

If you go through many years of struggling with a secondary instrument, we recommend skipping this instrument without thinking further.