Best Alto Saxophone Reviews of 2019

What is an Alto Saxophone?

Alto saxophone is often called alto saxophone and is undeniably the most popular saxophone and is often played there and always placed in E flat. It works like other saxophone and clarinet with mouthpieces and sticks connected by ligaments when blowing into the vibrating reed against it clogging the air and making sounds.

1.  YAMAHA YAS-280 Saxophones Student Alto

Yamaha is a name that is familiar to people all over the world whether or not you play an instrument. Yamaha Group is based in Japan and provides a huge list of products and services. Easily one of the largest companies in the world and a household name.

Their instruments are known for their quality and style and include countless genres such as guitar and bass, drums, violins for beginners, brass and woodwood. Their pianos and keyboards, special, are very popular and are known worldwide for their creativity and the highest quality.

YAS-280 is a product for students and beginners of Yamaha. It has a professional and elegant design and powerful design, really has a sense of quality throughout this saxophone that you would expect from a company like Yamaha. It also boasts great intonation and is extremely light and simple to play making it perfect for beginners and students.

This saxophone is considered one of the top entry level models that money can buy. It is very responsive and easy to play with free flowing keys and great sound. Another great feature is the Yamaha 4C pipe, a quality kit in its own right. As mentioned above, it is elegantly designed and has a wonderful beautiful gold lacquer.

Wise accessories come with a large, rugged and widely padded cover for maximum protection. The case also has a backpack-style strap for easy and convenient sax transport.


  • Products branded Yamaha
  • One of the new saxophone started better in the market
  • Super simple to play and great sound

2.  P. Mauriat PMXA-67R Series Professional Alto Saxophone

Paul Mauriat is a special talented musician and leader of the French orchestra, the most famous being the executive of Paul Mauriat Orchester. He specializes in easy-going genre and is very popular with Andre Popp’s “Love is Blue” remake, which in 1968 spent 5 weeks in the 1st place. He died sadly in 2006 in age 81 but his great name still exists through the huge horns of P. Miriat.

This company is the epitome of class, high quality, professional and elegant craftsmanship of the highest caliber. They used the so-called hard hammering process during their creation of each saxophone, using the best French brass. In fact, during the production process, a single sax can be beaten up to 400 times by the technician, an amazing number, highlighting the current level of pride and professionalism of P. Mauriat.

PMXA-67R is a work of art no less than it is a Saxophone Saxophone and the sound it produces is amazing. Rolled tone hole feature is a highlight, they are rolled up after being removed from the body, leading to completely unparalleled tone resonance. The bell is extended to contain one of the warmest, most powerful sounds of any alto saxophone.

PMXA-67R wise design is perfect. A beautiful building that includes Super VI neck, gorgeous gold lacquer and on the bell and bow you will find great hand carving. This saxophone series also has 3 other beautiful lacquer types – classic dark colors, cognac and rough brass. All will give your sound a little something different.


  • The highest level of craftsmanship is guaranteed
  • Beautiful warm sound.
  • Great finish range available

3.  Costzon New Professional Alto Eb Sax Saxophone

The New Professional will be the saxophone of choice for anyone who reads it, who is looking for an affordable sax. Appearing at less than $ 200, this is definitely one of the bargain hunters. Cost reduction is good and good, however, it is important to make sure you still get a good quality product, worth buying from the beginning.

This alto saxophone has been marketed as a beginner alto saxophone but in fact, it is also suitable for intermediate level players. It boasts surprisingly elegant and durable solid brass construction for the price. It is very light and very easy assembly makes it ideal for young musicians. In addition, it has a really easy playing feeling with forgiving fingers and a loud and warm sound.

New Professional comes with a range of impressive accessories and equipment. The most impressive of these is the sports size of high quality 6x10x24 containers. There’s also cork fat, reed, aglet, strap and more making it a great choice for younger players.

This saxophones packaging is amazing. Similar to our affection above, it comes in a surprisingly impressive condition with needle springs in place, pads sit evenly and there is no leak. One of the most common fears of players when choosing to use low-level horns is that sometimes they may encounter problems in the full range of notes. However, that does not seem to be a problem with this product with flat E to F sharp full, warm and clear.

One suggestion we have with this alto saxophone is that you might want to consider buying an upgraded mouthpiece if you decide to choose this sax. One that comes with New Professional will do the job however it is usually advisable to buy a more advanced version with a lower saxophone to actually emit full sound.


  • Budget price card
  • Surprisingly high quality
  • Comes with a variety of great accessories

4.  Mendini by Cecilio MAS-L+92D+PB E Flat Alto Saxophone with Tuner, Case, Mouthpiece, 10 Reeds

Cecilio instrument was founded in 2004 and their products are known for being suitable for players of all levels, from beginners to experienced professionals. They hold themselves to ruthless quality standards with each saxophone tree being tested and thoroughly tested at their overseas factories and at their LA distribution center upon arrival in the United States.

Their alto saxophone is handcrafted with pride and accuracy and is approved by global guidance agencies for use in solo, band and orchestra possibilities. At the start of Cecilio, the founders believed there was a market void for quality horns at affordable prices. Since then, they have established their company with this trait at the forefront of everything they do.

Mendini is ideal for beginners but also suitable for successful players. It is located at E flat with high F sharpness and boasts an impressive construction. It has a ribbed structure and high quality stainless steel sound reinforcement. The low B flat spoon keys are designed in an inclined fashion, making it extremely easy to play and extremely simple for new saxophone players to get great sound.

This alto saxophone comes with a variety of accessories, again making it perfect for beginners. Additional features of this saxophone include hard shell, neck strap, 10x 2.5 reed, an essential cleaning cloth and rod and a pair of gloves. As well as a reward, Cecilio threw the 92-D tuner and a bag of money.

Warranty on Mendini is 1 year including manufacturing errors. It is made of a rose bronze body and weighs about 12 pounds which means it is not too heavy for young players.


  • Quality of construction and sound
  • Comes with a variety of great accessories
  • Lightweight and durable

5.  Roy Benson RBAS302 Eb Professional Alto Saxophone

Roy Benson is famous for high quality, German technical saxophone. They have released great horns for over 15 years now and their products are famous for great ingenuity and affordable cards.

RBAS302 is really an impressive alto saxophone and is full of great features. It boasts an RND neck (a comfortable neck design), a key-mounted key, an elegantly designed bronze body and an easy-to-play bronze key. The high range is crisp F and it has a sharp C-flat paneled B key and hard steel springs for a great playing feel.

This alto saxophone uses the most widely used, reliable and respected PISONI pieces in the industry, assuring you that this is a saxophone of the highest caliber. Finish lacquer is nothing gorgeous and the US mouthpiece is very professional, accompanied by a ligament and cap.

The sax stood at a height of 28 inches and came with a variety of brilliant accessories including a professional, light and durable Roy Benson Saxophones carrying case to protect your investment. In addition, RBAS302 comes with padded strap and cleaning bar for essentials.

There is much debate in the world of alto saxophone related to saxophone produced in China. The fact of the matter is that this is not always a bad thing and you can’t leave a few bad examples to ruin it for all. This is especially true when you consider the fact that Yamaha produces all their saxophone in China and they are a company synonymous with quality and professionalism.

RBAS302 is completely separate from the bad alto saxophone made by China. Roy Benson has retained the technical excellence and core values ​​of the German company to ensure all their horns are of the highest quality but still affordable for the average player.


  • Saxophone alto high quality
  • Very affordable
  • Great accessories

6.  Ammoon Professional Bend Eb E-flat Alto Saxophone

This alto saxophone from Ammoon is one of the most elegant looking horns on the market that is surprisingly considering its price. It is made of beautiful red copper with a striking antique surface and the carved pattern surface really makes this sax stand out.

It is designed for professional saxophone players and novices and is suitable for solo players and also used in classical jazz and accompaniment bands. It boasts water-resistant pads and green steel needles for maximum durability. The abalone shell mosaic keys are super comfortable and help to play freely and freely. This alto saxophone strip is E flat to F sharp and it’s perfectly complemented.

As for accessories and equipment, Ammoon has surpassed himself. It comes with a professional sized 24x6x11 case, which is widely padded for maximum protection. There is also a high quality mouthpiece, cleaning cloth, straps, gloves, cork fat and more. If you choose for this alto saxophone, you will not only get a quality product but also a variety of essential supplies to keep you in reserve in the near future.

With alto saxophone in this price range, many players may be hesitant, and right to have enough horror stories out there to eliminate anyone. However, for many people they have no choice because horns at a high level of hundreds or even thousands of dollars are just not feasible. You can rest assured, however, with this release from Ammoon, it will be a great first saxophone for young players of all ages but still have the quality and durability to continue to impress. you as you progress and progress.


  • Beautiful design and construction
  • Great range of accessories
  • Great value for money

7.  Merano GWD510BL E Flat Alto Saxophone

Merano Musical Instruments is a great company and was founded in 2000. Their corporate ethics is to create instruments that are beautifully designed for everyone. Many of the original members of the company have many years of personal experience playing in orchestras and bands meaning they know these instruments intimately. Brass, wind and bow musical instruments are their area of ​​expertise and each product is crafted with pride and care.

Prices wise they are extremely competitive in the market. Many of their products have lower wholesale prices and they are proud of the highest caliber customer service. Merano has a great personal quality that really shines with their customers who often share musical anecdotes with those who come in contact.

This special release from Merano is outstanding. There is professionalism in every inch of this alto saxophone and the blue lacquer finish is outstanding and gorgeous. It’s 29 inches tall but weighs only 9.6 pounds so it’s a lightweight, great saxophone saxophone.

GWD comes with a professional velvet lining, zippered hard case that will keep your sax perfectly protected. It also comes with a screwdriver, plier, pair of gloves, cleaning cloth and 10 bonuses.

Price wise this item is only in the $ 240 range and according to most of us, rs it seems most suitable for beginners. It’s light with great sound, warm, easy to play and the blue finish will really make you stand out from the crowd.


  • Elegant design
  • Blue lacquer finishing
  • Reasonable price

8.  Kaizer Student Alto Saxophone

Kaizer musical instrument is based in California and is an American company. They are extremely proud of their brand and specialize in student musical instruments market in the categories of brass, wire and woodwood.

Kaizer provides a quality level for beginners often found in horns designed for professionals. Reliability is undoubtedly their strong point and they create durable saxophone aimed at beginners, beginners and students playing in school bands and orchestras. .

It has been designed with beginners and special attention has been placed on ease of play and increased response and intonation. It boasts high quality steel springs for fast action, excellent sensitive response and high-quality faux leather pads. It also boasts a strong and sturdy brass body, available in traditional gold lacquer finishes or in silver lacquer finishes.

The list of accessories that comes with this saxophone is almost as impressive as the sax itself. There is an excellent casting case to protect your horn, an excellent mouthpiece and ligament and a necessary saxophone maintenance kit including a cleaning cloth, bar, gloves and lubricant.

However, there is one last great surprise with this product. Special offer of high definition 1080p HD camera complete with waterproof case so you can record the progress and progress and share with friends and family or the world via YouTube. This is a great reward and really stands out that Kaizer understands the student market and young beginners like no one else.


  • Completely perfect for students and beginners
  • Looks and sounds great
  • Easy and fun to play
  • Great range of accessories – comes with a camera

9.  Jean Paul USA AS-400 Student Alto Saxophone

Jean Paul USA is a company that is building a very good reputation for themselves in recent years. They are experts on saxophone for beginners and intermediate level players. They combine affordability with reliability, which means you can choose a high quality saxophone for a very reasonable price.

The AS-400 is an ideal saxophone for those who are looking for great value for money and those who are still students of horns. It is a traditional brass color with gold or silver lacquer to increase the price.

It is a beautifully designed horn with carefully built neck, great body engraving and pearl key. As we said above this horn is all about reliability and quality and this is evident with high-strength electric forged keys. The bell ring is absolutely solid and the Pivot keys are tapered to make playing fun simple, another reason why this is one of the most popular saxophone for beginners.

In fact, the range and intonation are very good, in fact, many features of the AS-400, both sound and physics are often found on much more expensive alto saxophone. It has the ability to make warmer, more subtle tones, making it great for use in a band. However, it is also possible to create raw alto saxophone sounds, often used by a solo player, to attract the attention of the enchanted audience.

One of the main reasons why Jean-Paul USA saxophone is synonymous with high quality is the 2-stage testing process. This means that each of their horns is tested after completion of production before leaving the factory and then again before shipping.


  • Ideal for beginners
  • High quality products
  • Very reasonable price

10. Yamaha YAS-82ZII Custom Z Saxophone

Another addition of Yamaha to this list and this time is a much more complex model. The recently customized Z Series has achieved their 10-year anniversary and as a result, they have been re-visited with some new features added while the classic features that all of us Know and love is still or has improved.

The saxophone of the custom Z line is always known to be easy to play, easy to play, expressive and intonation excellent. They have become a member of musicians who work for many years thanks to their very professional construction, design and sound and their strong structure, which means they can easily handle wear and tear. and strict of continuous performance.

Some impressive new features are one-piece bell design. This is a major improvement and significantly increases the warmth of the saxophone’s tone and resonance, especially at low levels. There have also been major improvements in the style department with a gorgeous vintage engraving around the bell adding to its timeless design.

It comes with a great solid rubber mouthpiece that only adds to the Custom Z series line feeling easy to play and loud sound. It also boasts wide neck V1 for the great free blowing feeling that all saxophone players love. The keys have ergonomically designed and highly responsive.

Moreover, the Custom Z line comes with the top 5-year warranty of Yamaha Yamaha which is the main product for their products and really stands out why Yamaha is a highly respected household name.


  • Supreme quality in sound and construction
  • Top 5-year warranty in the industry
  • Official products of Yamaha

Guide to buying Alto Saxophone

Top choice: Jean Paul USA AS-400 Student Alto Saxophone

Jean Paul USA is the company of choice for beginners, students and intermediate level players. Their AS-400 is everything you want from a saxophone designed for this level with easy playing, freedom and fast response. The sound is amazing and it boasts great intonation. Design wise, it is equally impressive with a finely crafted work and beautiful classic gold lacquer.

Another great aspect of saxophone for beginners is a series of accessories. When first starting, it may take a while to build up your inventory of related items, so it’s great to have as many things as part of our purchase with public this tool. It comes with a hard and durable cover, reeds, cork grease, a cloth for cleaning, gloves and gauze.

Premium choice: Mauriat PMXA-67R Series Professional Saxophone

Mauriat is a company with rich history and a reputation for producing some of the most beautiful horns in the world. They are very proud of their work and ingenuity. Therefore, they became the brand ‘go-to for musicians looking for a product of superiority and stature.

PMXA-67R is a great saxophone with a beautiful but powerful structure. Their hard hammering process means that the metal for each instrument can be forged up to 400 times.

In terms of sound, it continues to impress the warmth of melody and resonance that is simply unparalleled.

Great Value: Mendini by Cecilio MAS-L+92D+PB E Flat Saxophone with Tuner, Case, 10 Reeds

Cecilio is a model of value for money. They have extremely high standards when it comes to quality. Their company was founded on the principle that every musician would be able to buy a great instrument. Their high standard of mixing with this great corporate morality means they are a synonymous organization with value for money.

Mendini is a great saxophone for all levels that are easy to play for beginners but still has enough strength and features to provide seasoned Advantages. Elegant design and great sound all for a very respectable price.


Those who play saxophone are a genre of musicians who are very lucky to have so many incredible instruments for them. Many brands in this field are proud of their ingenuity in their products and the sound they create is amazing.

However, the popularity of the saxophone can make the task of choosing something quite difficult. In this horn genre, it usually does not go down the level of play and budget. Combine your personal circumstances regarding these elements and you will be able to find the best alto saxophone exclusively for you.