5 Best Acoustic Guitars under $2000 – Reviews of 2019

In the world of string instruments, guitars hold a very prestigious stature for a long time. Despite the advent of many high-tech instruments that can mimic the sound and reverberation of guitars, the original instrument continues to be loved by players and singers – professional and amateur, obscure and celebrities. Moreover, when it comes to acoustic guitar, there are many types of musicians prove.

Prices vary, depending on different parameters not only unique and very important, especially if you are a beginner. Depending on all these parameters, you must choose the best acoustic guitar under $ 2,000.

5. ​Cordoba 55FCE Negra Limited Edition Acoustic-Electric Thinbody Flamenco Guitar

Let’s start with Cordoba 55FCE Negra Limited Edition Acoustic-Electric Thinbody Flamenco guitar comes at a price of about $ 1500 or more.

This wonderful guitar has many different colors and has a cozy and comfortable look and feel, giving users a gentle image and satisfaction when playing it. The subtle look is perfect for the soft, musical genre that resonates deeply into the listeners’ psychology even when they don’t hear anything.

The instrument comes with a solid European spruce top that is finished with the rear zincote shaped as well as the face. One of the best acoustic guitars, this instrument comes with a new tune on the regular Gipsy Kings Flamenco model, completed by a regular body depth. This instrument is manufactured in Spain and the circuit is manufactured by Fishman Prefix ProBlend Electronics and it includes custom Humicase Thinbody Protégé.

4. Kremona Solea Artist Series Nylon String Guitar

Another very interesting guitar is the Kremona Solea Artist Series guitar. This is another, easy of the best Acoustic Guitar. Its getup and look & feel are also more or less common, although it is sometimes available in a different getup with a little deviation from the regular model.

It appears on a solid Canadian red Canadian top with multi-layered faces and African mahogany and often has Cutaway’s Prefix Pro Blend Collection System and fishermen.

This special design was conceptualized by Jose Ramirez IV in 1991 and nearly all of the instruments of this series appear in conventional designs that give the series its own identity. The most prolific aspect of this series is that all instruments are hand-crafted and produced in Spain. Some of the more diverse styles of this series are in TKL hard shell.

However, this diversity is not currently available and therefore until the next batch is sold, the exact price is still predictable, although the price will be much lower than the $ 2000.

3. Takamine Pro Series EF508KC NEX All Koa Acoustic Electric Guitar, Natural with Case

Now let’s talk about the EF508KC NEX All Koa Acounstic Takamine Pro Series electric guitar. This classic-looking guitar costs about 1800 dollars and it talks about all about a great craft. From the moment you take this guitar, you will get that unique look and feel. With invisible seams, some delicate lacquer and solid body binding, attention to details is perfect. Both pins appear seamlessly, and the controls are smooth and precise. The size is subjective and small enough, does not bring that sense of humor to the player, even though it is a bit thicker on the neck, there is almost nothing to fall prey to.

The back is well designed and the sides and the wood are also made more seamless. Inlay work, complete with abalone around the sound hole and signs of disturbing small snowflake shapes make the instrument more complicated. The design is generally subtle and that gives the instrument a slightly coherent look. Fashion in which the bridge connects to the intersection with the head and ivory plastic gives the instrument a classic look and feel that makes a difference.

2. Blueridge BG-2500 Historic Series Super Jumbo Guitar

Priced at just under $ 2,000, the Blueridge Series Guitar Super Jumbo BG-2500 is an extremely popular acoustic guitar. As another very common acoustic guitar, the instrument comes with a Sitka platform that definitely comes with braces. They give players a clear clarity and a crisp tone with deep, long-lasting resonance that makes the sound clearer and sharper with the smallest, clearly audible modulations. The guitar has a solid back, made of maple and larger faces. These elements are responsible for the huge sound and explosive volume that the instrument creates.

Soaring neck, also made up of maple wood gives users a sense of comfort as well as increase durability, thereby increasing confidence and feeling of comfort for users. The look and feel of this guitar is very charming and the ebony keyboard and the original bridge – both come with Art Deco trimmings in addition to that charm and give the guitar a look. really shine. However, the real attraction of the instrument is the gold-plated 14.1 tuner, which is not only smooth and accurate, always keeps the instrument in sync, but also helps you gain more confidence while maintaining the rhythm and melody. fit. relate to.

The guitar’s lead makes the melody bright and expressive with booming bass that gives players a little more confidence when playing it. The most amazing feature of the instrument is despite its thick neck, but it also balances with the rest of the instrument. The intuitively warm guitar and the long-standing appearance and the composite structure add to its extravagance as its signature at the end of the day. Fretboard ebony, usually comes with pearl inlays, is amazingly perfect.

In fact, it goes without saying that the traditional techniques used to create this classical instrument have been tested a lot of time and therefore, this particular instrument is very much like a form of heritage and Tradition is reflected by its tradition of looking and following construction methods.

It also incorporates much sought-after X-brace models after taking you back to the timeline. In contrast, this series also uses more modern 111 ⁄16’’ nut widths to make it easier for modern generation players – a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary styles.

Each instrument of this series is a perfect combination of rosewood backs and very traditional white binding surfaces to say the least. More importantly, the fragile herringbone or exotic purebred abalone with the mahogany backside and the face with black ABS binding lends with that traditional look.

1. Takamine Pro Series 3 P3DC Dreadnought Body Acoustic Electric Guitar with Case

This variety, priced at more than $ 1,600, comes with a solid and antique mahogany sepele back and rosewood boards with tuned-dot-in-dot wood pieces and gold buttons. Comes with amber buttons. The guitar comes with natural satin finish and is available with the extremely popular and high quality CT4B II preamp system with three-band EQ volume control and integrated equalizer.

In fact, Takamine’s leading dreadnou Pro3 P3DC frankly says one of the best full-size and smoothest guitar with sound, style as well as performance performance, complete with plus tone enjoy, some elegant appointments and statuses – modern electronic devices, offering a refined and resounding sound experience on stage as well as on stage. The solid cedar peak comes with a manual X brace, well supported by an ivory bond, complete with the dark color of a beautiful concentric rose, supported by a wooden marriage. An elegant Venetian guitar of the guitar completes the optimal access to its upper registers. The unique Takamine saddle bone bridge creates intonation without errors, supported by an excellent sound coupling that reaches the top.

Other high-end features include a hard plastic back, elegant mahogany neck, a rosewood keyboard with the latest “dot-in-dot” mosaic, a gold-tuner that perfects its elegance. with a set of amber, natural satin buttons.


There are other types of acoustic guitars that come in different styles and styles and are available at many different prices. Here are 5 of the best acoustic guitars under $ 2,000, which are reasonably priced and therefore, can fit your budget and style of music selection and how you perform.

Look closely at each of them and see if they match your style and solve your purpose and choose wisely. Remember, choosing the best and most perfect instrument is the first step to becoming a good performer and becoming the star of the future.